Evaluation of new local media(Cumin media) to prepare mother culture of Oyster Mushroom and it,s role to raise the productivity

Evaluation of new local media(Cumin media) to prepare mother culture of Oyster Mushroom and it,s role to raise the productivity

Prepared by:

Dr. Rukaiba Ali Chichan/College of agriculture, University of Baghdad


This study was carried out to devise a local nutrient media for growth primary mycelium of two species of fungi belonging to the genus oyster mushroom PleurotusnamedPleurotusostreatus andPleurotuseryngii using tissue culture or mycelium inoculation for reproduction and production. Different natural material was used for this purpose involved powder Cumin, onion, oatmeal, banana peel, date seeds,garlic, alfalfa, flowers of palm pollenin a concentration ranged from 10 to40 g/ L. The study was focused on the effect of physical factor as tempertures and  pH on growth rate of fungal mycelium. The results shown that the media prepared from cumins and onion powders have achieved best growth rate from the studied fungi Pleurotusostreatus andPleurotuseryngiiwhich was 1.42cm day in comparison with PDA where the growth rate was 0.71cm day the best concentration of preparation of these medium was 20g/l,The optimum pH could be adopted in the preparation of primary mycelium from two fungi was 6.5 which achieved the highest growth rate of 1.42 cm / day. While The optimum temperature for the development of this fungus was 25 C and a fungal growth rate 1.42cm/day. Synthetic media containing pectin was exceed than PDA in terms of the speed of growth of fungi. Which estimated to 1.42cm day,compared with 0.71cm day for PDA.The beginning of the growing emergence of both two fungi on PDA was after one day while the delay on the natural media and pectin was shown for two days. The growth was completed in the PDA after 12 days, unlike to natural media which had a growth rate of more speed and completed after 6 days on cumin and onion containing media. In attempt to found if there is any effect on type of mycelium according to media grown on it and rate on production spawn on wheat, sorghum and millet. The results were shown that the millet was not a suitable media for spawn production in any way and the sorghum could cause a delay in spawn development 24 and 19 days when inoculated with mycelium grown on cumin and respectively. It did not stop to this extent as observed increased growth on wheat seed and livestock density, when you add cumin powder by 15 g / kg weight grain fertilized spinning  with mycelium developing on the media of latency, also it reduced the time needed  to produce the seed of the same grain, but using mycelium developing a media of PDA and an estimated 3 days as well.It turns out that inoculation amid from hay for mushroom production using seed of wheat and livestock added to them, cumin powder using a spinning instinctive Lie on amid latency has led to the reduction of the period of incubation and the formation of pins and easily configure fruiting bodies and the cycle of production was also reflected positively on the wet weight and dry weight and the vital efficiency the protein content of the fruiting bodies compared with other transactions.


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