Converting feather to protein hydro lysate and using it in poultry feed formulas

Converting feather  to protein hydro lysate and using it  in poultry feed formulas

Prepared by:

Assis. Prof. Dr. Adnan Wahab Habeeb Al-Mudhafer, Prof. Dr. Khalida Abdul Rahman Shaker, Prof. Dr. Basil Kamil Al-Dalali


Recent study aimed to convert poultry processing factories waste (feather) to valuable material to be used in broiler feed formula and to reduce environmental risk as well . In this study a combination of physical-enzymic method was applied to convert the indigestible protein to digestible beneficial for growing and weight gain . The hydro lysate prepared by autoclaving the feather under 135c /35 pound/inch2 for 60 min., followed by enzymic treatment (0.2 % protease /45c/48 hrs.) . This process achieved satisfied hydrolysis degree (32.66%) with no bitter flavor , and the amino analysis assay using HPLC revealed that the essential amino acid content was within  the recommended level of NRC ,1994. Complete Randomized Design (CRD) used in this study which included seven experiments with three replicate for each(10HUBBAR Classic chicks in replicate). The obtained results indicated that the treatment 6 was the best based on the growth signs like body weight , daily intake diet , weight gain, food conversion coefficient and mortality rate. Those values were 2197.2g , 2151.2g , 1.861 for body weight , weight gain and conversion coefficient as compared to that of control which were 2225.2g , 1848.g3 and 1,835 respectively . The results of  statistical analysis showed no significant differences( p<0.05) between treatment 6 and control, whereas there were significant differences among the control and other treatments.

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