Manufacturing of computerize unit for material inspection using radioactive materials

Inventor: Prof. Dr. Samir Khudhur Yaseen/Department of physics – College of Science for women – University of Baghdad


In this practical research a computerize unit has been design and constructed for a non-destructive test for metal using radio- active isotopes for detecting metal defects. The principle of this unit is to make use of the ability of radioactive radiation to penetrate through the metal. The unit consists of the radioactive source, which is one of the radioactive isotopes (Cs-137). It is located in a lead shield coordinated with a collimating system and detector. The sample wanted to be tested takes the shape of a metal rod and is placed on a moveable stage motivated by a stepper motor, which enable it to move in a limited time, and the rod is located between the source and detector.

The intensity of penetrating radiation in the defected rod is recorded by a longitude scan of the rod. The results are recorded by the computer, which is connected to the detector through an electronic interface. By using specialized software; a curve, which represents the relationship between the length of the rod and the radiation intensity, is given. This curve indicates the cracks, cavities and defect found in the rod and its locations. The curve shows high peaks in the defected areas and low peaks in the locations of non-homogeneous area. The preliminary experiment for the operation of this system has reveled its easy usage with good speed and efficiency for testing in comparison with traditional methods such as  x-ray regarding such method has never been used before.







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