Design, manufacture and testing of measuring device for the force of friction tractor wheels with soil

Inventor: Lecturer. Dr. Hussein Abaas Jabr, Assist. Lecturer. Ahmed Kudhair Jabr/Department of Agricultural Machinery and Machines, College of Agriculture, University of Baghdad

Lecturer. Suhad Yassin Jassim/Natural History Research Center and Museum



Use the force of cohesion is a (2.5 m) long arm where one end is fixed in the rear wheel at the center of the wheel while the other end is not installed. A mechanic lever is placed through which the position of the weights can be changed. The wheel is then moved down by weight and arm length. The torque is measured where the distance between weights and center (arm length) the length is multiplied by the weight added in the ground acceleration equal to the torque and after it is divided by half the diameter obtained the strength of the frame cohesion with the soil.

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