Design, Manufacturing and Testing an Ultrasonic Device to Determine Tillage Appearance (Soil Roughness) for Different Tillage Implements

Inventor: Prof. Dr. Abdul Razzak  Abdul Latif Jassim/Department of Agricultural Machine and Equipment, College of Agriculture, University of Baghdad



Soil roughness is one of the important indicators that determine the efficiency of primary and secondary tillage equipment in the preparation of a suitable seed bed. Many devices were designed based on the removal of columns from the top to the surface of the earth, including manual and electronic computer. Due to the importance of the subject came the idea of ​​designing and manufacturing a new device operates wave technology Ultrasonic for measuring soil surface roughness using different tillage implements.The device consists of the fallowing parts:

1- Supportive device  2- Electrical control unit  3- frame  4- Power distribution complex  5- Pulley Leader  6- The slide emitting and receiving of Ultrasound   7- Handles  8- The middle of the frame opening  9- Conveyor Belt  10-  The battery 11- Pulley seat  12- Operation key  13- Supportive pulleys  14-Limit switch 15- Ruler flat 16 – Base load The slide emitting and received 17- The chair sliding rectangle  18- Motor.

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