Fabrication for solar cell from TiO2 doped and deposited on silicon substrate by pluse laser deposition

Fabrication for solar cell from TiO2 doped and deposited on silicon substrate by pluse laser deposition


Prepared by:

Kadhim Abdulwahi Aadim

Khalid Haneen Hadi

Qunoot Mohammed Hadi


In this work was the use of  laser Neodymium-YAG pulse with a wavelength of 1064 nm and works with technology quality factor is the rate of frequency of 6 Hz and laser energy 700 m J / cm2 to deposition TiO2 films  pure and doping with magnesium oxide  with concentrations different       (0.03, 0.05, 0.07, and 0.1%) on the glass substrate and silicon. there is several factors for the development of films to determine the optimal situation, such as the degree of annealing temperatures (373 and 423) k and  pressure oxygen 10-3 mbar. And proven X-ray results of the characteristics of TiO2 films pure and doping magnesium oxide, the results showed that the structures of films and their characteristics are heavily dependent on the degree of annealing temperature and the concentration of impurities as it turns the installation of films from amorphous to a polycrystalline. powder was examined and  TiO2: MgO films by X-ray diffraction technique and study appear  of X-ray diffraction it showed that thefilms were multiple gelling with hexagonal installation and toward a preferred (101). The study of the topography of the surface using atomic force microscope (AFM) if it is found that the root of the rate decrease with increase doping. Transmission decrease with increase annealing temperature and doping while absorbance, it increased with increasing annealing and doping.Optical measurements showed that the membranes of the TiO2: MgO has the energy gap directly and it decreased with increasing degree of annealing temperature and doping.studied the electrical properties of films with different concentrations and different annealing temperatures, and Hall measurements showed that all membranes are possessed connectivity of the kind of negative, and the concentration of carriers increases with. annealing and heat as well as we have noticed a decrease mobility values ​​increase the degree of annealing and doping  . Heterojunction TiO2: MgO / Si with different concentrations.  Properties showed the junction voltage Hybrid / Si TiO2: MgO/Si that dark front stream is changing almost Asia with a voltage divider aligned and consistent with the model plant recombinant – tunnels. Observed increase in dark current increase gap. Through measurements current- voltage under the lighting conditions and found that the optical power increases with gab. I studied the properties of a stream cutting circuit (Isc) and voltage open circuit ((Voc where we found that both increases quantum with increased doping. Showed properties current- voltage of the heterojunction TiO2: MgO/Si get a solar cell, where at a concentration rate of 0.07%, we get a higher efficiency The value of 7.538% and 0.495 was full of workers at the ability of 104 mW / cm 2.

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