Prepared by:

Prof. Dr.  Rafa Saleh Fathi Al Haidari

Asst. M. Shihab Ahmed Kadhim Ali


Limited to the idea of designing RINGS MULTI GYM in gymnastics halls, during the researcher experience field in gymnastics since his childhood as a player, coach and  referee. The researcher noted there is a big problem in learning motor skills required in gymnastics on RIGS, lack of assistive devices manufacturer device similarity to facilitate learning and training process and reduce the significant burden that falls on the coach by helping players and often numbering (6) or more players, each player play requires many iterations for the skill more than six repeats each time the player on the device according to the requirements of the legal apparatus. When the coach helps each player assistance to exhaustion and not legalize assisted player simultaneously or to other players. So the researcher felt manufacture device tries to codify the player assistance and easy gradient in the intensity of training to arms to lift your body at the same time facilitating the learning process and training and performance tuning skills (strength skills and persistence) properly and facilitate linkage between the motor learning and the motor capacity development for this device or any other apparatus gymnastics, which are similar to requirements the requirements of RINGS as well as attempting to develop arms relative strength, which is the force exerted by the arms, compared with body weight At the same time, there is no similar studies for manufacturing a device similar to this machine. Also machine designed relied on a mechanical method of player movement easily helps the player to move up or down according to Dynamic motor skill required its performance. As also been a scientific training internship in intensity according to the player’s weight training which is easy on the player’s performance is subjected to psychological injury or frustration caused by great effort and many iterations and lack of access to performance optimization. As well as the ease of connecting and disassembling machine vectors for all ages and lengths.

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