Institute of Laser for Postgraduate Studies

Institute of Laser for Postgraduate Studies


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Historical View

Institute of Laser for Postgraduate Studies is a specialized academic foundation at the University of Baghdad. The Institute was first founded in January 1993 as a research center, and transferred in November 1996 to an institute for postgraduate studies. The Institute responds to the requirements of scientific fields and modern technologies related to laser and its applications in a wide variety of fields.


Provide distinguished education based on scientific bases in accordance with what is recent in the specialty.
Serve our students through building their character as scientists by teaching them the skills and the procedures of applied scientific research according to international standards by teaching them commitment to scientific efficiency and ethics.
Implant the spirit of acquiring knowledge within the students in a way that serves the needs of the Iraqi society and leads to internationalty.
Raise the efficiency and the effectiveness of our educational processes for the students and the teachers and head towards creative team work which leads to the progress of the country through graduating highly efficient students and through the excellent services the institute offers to the society.
Participate in the prosperity of the society through research projects by presenting research and counseling services that help in solving problems and in developing the society.


The institute aspires to prepare a highly qualified trained staff specialized in laser and subjects related to laser in specializations such as medicine, engineering and pure science to comply with the requirements of the university and the society.