Market Research and Consumer Protection Center

Market Research and Consumer Protection Center


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Historical View

Center was established market research and consumer protection in 1997 by order of the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research with the number 212/5542 of 21.8.1997, based on the system of scientific research centers in the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research No. (1) for the year 1995. Is the first official organization in Iraq, concerned with issues of market and consumer and finding ways to protect it. Is a research institution with legal and financial and administrative independence. Ensures communication between the university and the community and achieve the goal of the university in community service. Associated with the President of the University of Baghdad, is directly related. Of the center board includes professors consultants in various disciplines used their supervision and guidance to the Center’s activities.


Study ways to develop a production system and marketing of goods and services and raising the efficiency of the domestic market and the development of systems and methods of control over the direction of the market to meet the needs and desires of consumers. Raise the level of consumer awareness of the individual and the rationalization of the purchasing decisions at the selection of goods and services of the highest quality level. Guide and rationalize consumption so as to achieve the public interest and to lay a foundation for building a system to protect consumers from fraud and misleading commercial and health damage caused by the consumption or use of goods and services, malicious or dishonest. Strengthening the position and the position of good producers and suppliers in the domestic market through the promotion of the product and good service. Achieving the best use of resources or the best available for the individual and society.


Shape functions of the center of many events and activities:
Examine and evaluate the efficiency of goods and services needed by consumers.
Research and technical and economic studies for the production, marketing and consumption of goods and services.
Study and propose laws, rules and regulations governing the production and marketing of goods and services.
Surveys and public opinion polls of various topics that deal with the market and the consumer.
Measure the quality and performance of goods and services in a comprehensive manner and in accordance with the approved standards in this area.
Measure and analyze the movement of prices of basic goods in the Iraqi market.
Publications and journals and participation in radio and television programs to spread awareness and consumer education as well as the publication of test results and evaluate the efficiency and performance of goods and services and other topics relevant to the concerns of consumers and their needs.
Dissemination of scientific research and dissemination to relevant authorities and cooperate with the application of the results.
Interest in promoting awareness and organizing scientific conferences, seminars and training courses at the national, Arab and international levels.
Exchange experience with experts, researchers and scientific cooperation with national scientific institutions and Arab and international relations objectives of the Center.
Monitoring of cases of fraud and deception in the production and marketing of goods in the domestic market.
Receive consumer complaints and submit them to the relevant authorities and follow-up.