April 2017

April 2017

The Turkish Ambassador in the hospitality of the college of languages

College of languages at University of Baghdad hosted the Turkish Ambassador in Baghdad Fatih Yildiz who was received and welcomed by the dean of the college Assistant Prof. Dr. May Estivan Rizk Allah and Associate Dean for administrative affairs Assistant Prof. Dr. Ziad Tariq Abdul Jabbar as well as a number of instructors at the department of Turkish language. The meeting addressed the frameworks of the cultural and the scientific cooperation between the two countries, especially regarding the teaching of the Turkish language at the college of languages. It is worth mentioned that His Excellency the Turkish Ambassador met before the minister of higher education and scientific research and Rector of University of Baghdad.

Al-Kindy College of medicine holds its 4th World Science Conference

Al-Kindy College of medicine at University of Baghdad held its 4th world scientific conference under the slogan (scientific research and medical education are our pillar for the development of educational and health reality in Iraq) at Babylon Hotel. This conference comes as embodiment of the principle of complementarity and cooperation between physicians and scientists to develop their information in topics of interest and to keep abreast with the latest scientific developments in modern world and it was attended by an elite of Iraqi doctors from inside and outside of Iraq who word in prestigious academic institutions. This event included four workshops of seven professors who participated in international training sessions over 25 lectures using the latest medical devices in therapy. At the conclusion, the participants recommended the need to develop the capacity of the lecturers in the field of medical education and reactivate the study of medical education in medical schools as well as enhance the Iraqi medical journals to be in line of global counterparts. The conference was attended by His Excellency the minister of higher education and scientific research, Prof. Dr. Abdul Razak al-Essa and Rector of University of Baghdad, Prof. Dr. Alaa Abdul Hussein Abdul Rasul, several members of Parliament, Rector of Nahrain University, chairman of Arab Board for health specialties, a large number of public health services managers and deans of medical schools in Baghdad and provinces.

College of Ibn Rushd participates in an international conference on countering terrorist thought

College of education (Ibn Rushd) for humanities at University of Baghdad participated in the 2nd international conference held by Welaya institution in cooperation with University of Thi Qar entitled (contemporary cultural and civilization discourse and future dimensions on countering terrorist thought. Prof. Dr. Zainab Wanas khudair al-Hasnawi, an instructor at the college presented her research named (the role of national, regional and international military intelligence and its effectiveness in the fight against terrorism) that was the focus of attention of relevant authorities.

College of physical education completes preparations for the 3rd international conference of sports science

On the occasion of the forthcoming 3rd international conference of sports science sponsored by the college of physical education at University of Baghdad, dean of the college Prof. Dr. Udai Tarik al-Rubei held a meeting with all members of high and subsidiary commissions to complete different events and activities concerned with the participation of many departments of physical education at various Iraqi and Arab universities. The conference would witness presenting books and translations authored by professors as well as a committee would be formed to choose three distinct researches in relevant academic fields.

Dental student authors a scientific specialized book

Master student Nadia Bassim from the college of dentistry, University of Baghdad authored a book in cooperation with Prof. Dr. Nidhal Hussein, Associate Dean for scientific affairs entitled “Diagnosis and localization of the mixillaryimpacted canines” that is published by Lambert Academic publishing.

University of Baghdad gets the shield of excellence for participation in the conference on supporting Iraqi national economy

Women’s Studies Center at University of Baghdad participated in the 1st scientific conference organized by the ministry of commerce under the slogan “Towards a policy supporting the national economy” sponsored by Prime Minister Haidar Al-Abbadi. Assistant Prof. Dr. Jihad Kazim from Women’s Studies Center was chosen for the membership of the scientific committee as representative of University of Baghdad in this conference where he presented a paper entitled “the role of media in uncovering corruption and promoting the development process” that addressed the causes of delayed development in our country as an indication of the reasons of corruption which has negative consequences on the process of promoting the economic sector in Iraq.

Use of modern science and technology for developing a mines program in Iraq

Continuing education unit at the faculty of sciences at University of Baghdad held in cooperation with the ministry of environment a symposium entitled “Use of modern science and technology to develop a mines program in Iraq”. The symposium included four axes that shed light on how to increase the awareness in mines and other serious waste as well as different kinds of official warning signs adopted by all countries especially those developed by local people to alert. Director of studies and research division at the college Senior Biologist Nada Shaalan Hammoud delivered a lecture on the use of modern technology in detection of anti-personnel and anti-tank mines as well as manufacture of artificial limbs and rehabilitation of victims. The symposium was concluded by emphasizing the need to reduce deaths and injuries caused by mines and explosives so that to reduce their social and economic consequences.

College of medicine hosts the Romanian Ambassador in Iraq

College of medicine at University of Baghdad hosted the Romanian Ambassador in Iraq Lakob Prada who was received by dean of the college Prof. Dr. Ali Kamil al-Shalji and his associate. The meeting addressed activating scientific and cultural cooperation between the college of medicine and medical colleges in Romania and the possibility of twinning between our medical school and others in this regard. It is worth mentioned that the deanery expressed its pleasure for completion of the fundamental approvals for this agreement by presidency of University of Baghdad.

Pax Christi Peace Organization visits the faculty of Islamic sciences 

Faculty of Islamic sciences at University of Baghdad received a delegation of Pax Christi Peace Organization to conclude a cooperation agreement between the two parties. The delegation was headed by Bishop Marx Astingn of Kwa city and head of Pax Christi Organization that played a great role in resolving disputes in France. Chancellor Prof. Koninion delivered a lecture on the French experience during the religious sectarian war between Protestant and Catholics. It is worth mentioning that the visiting delegation held discussions with the faculty to open prospects for cooperation on scientific and cultural levels. 

Conclusion of the proceedings of the3rd International Conference for Sports Science at the college of physical education

Proceedings of the3rd International Conference for Sports Science were concluded with praise of all participants and guests at the college of physical education and sports science at University of Baghdad in cooperation with the deanship of ISRA University College and Association for colleges, institutes and departments of physical education in the Arab world. The Conference began with reciting verses from Quran and chanting the Iraqi national anthem then it witnessed a documentary film about Baghdad. Dean of the college, Dr. Udai Tarek al-Rubaie delivered a speech where he welcome the guests and announced the names of three outstanding researches that participated in this conference. Finally shields and certificates of participation were distributed to the deans of physical education and sport science in Iraqi universities and the members of debate committees.

Prospects for scientific cooperation between the faculty of media and the German Academy of Media on marketing

Department of radio and television journalism held a workshop on the art of marketing in cooperation with the German Academy of Media. This workshop was attended by more than thirty students and it aimed at focusing on outstanding students to entrap them in media institutions or to work with the German Academy in future under the supervision of its Coordinator in Baghdad Yasser Ismail. It is worth mentioning that the participants called for further training workshops for students and more attention to the practical side to enter the labor market as well as to be a workforce in government or non-government institutions. Head of department of radio and television journalism Assistant Prof. Dr. Talib Abdul Majid expressed his thanks to the German Academy for its great interest for the Iraqi youth and its continued support. 

Students of administration and economics visit the General Company for Leather Industries 

Department of industrial management systems at University of Baghdad organized a visit to the General Company for Leather Industries to keep abreast with its factories and production lines of shoes, belts and bags made with high quality and reasonable prices. Company workers provided illustrative explanation on the production process from the initial stages to off to the consumer. Dr. Waqas Saad, head of the department of industrial management at the college stated the the aim of this visit was to inform students directly on life and experiencing the atmosphere of laboratories and factories as an opportunity for a change and to leave classrooms for a day and be in noisy factories. The students expressed their gratitude for this initiative in State companies. It is worth mentioning that this company was founded in (1976) as a result of integrating with Bata Company founded in 1932 as one of the industrial facilities of the ministry of industry and minerals.

College of fine arts holds its second cultural forum

Department of art education at University of Baghdad held its 2nd cultural forum with the participation of researchers, professors and artists from various Iraqi universities. This annual forum is considered as one of the most important activities concerned with art education as a whole, notably art gallery for students’ products as well as celebrating and honoring the great artist Prof. Saad al-Tai who is one of the founders of art education department. This event witnessed also a book exhibition and it was concluded with a dramatic show entitled “Phoenix” authored by Tabaraq Muthana Sabeeh and directed by Safaa Mohammed Nashi.

Faculty of agriculture receives Marie Joseph church delegation within the campaign “plant love”

Faculty of agriculture at University of Baghdad witnessed a campaign for planting trees under the slogan (plant love) in solidarity with a campaign directed by the minister of higher education and scientific research to plant million trees. A delegation from Marie Joseph church represented by Bishop Martin Buni and a number of Christian volunteers participated in this event in coordination with Dr. Ferial Bahajat Hormuz from the department of plant protection.

French Department documents paintings of Paris museums

Professor Dr. Faris Hikmat from the department of French language at the college of languages, University of Baghdad made a voluntary initiative to copy Iraqi paintings conserved in Louvre Museum, French Library and other French sites and museums dedicated to archiving and keeping Iraqi paintings at his own expense to document the authenticity of Iraqi civilization as seen by French artists. It is worth mentioned that these paintings were Biblical or legendary that won the admiration of visitors.

University of Baghdad hosts the Secretary General of Association of Arab Universities

University of Baghdad hosted the Secretary General of the Union of Arab Universities (AARU) Dr. Sultan Abu Urabi who was received by the Rector Prof. Dr. Alaa Abdul Hussein Abdul Rasul and several deans and professors. The visit is intended to keep abreast with Baghdad University achievements in various university rankings recently where the Rector and deans highlighted the most prominent achievements during the last period and its objectives during the coming period. It is worth mentioned that the Union of Arab Universities includes more than (350) universities that seeks to provide full support to Iraqi universities that have proved their ability to keep up with scientific and technological development in spite of the difficult conditions experienced by Iraq. The university rector noted that Iraqi universities are prestigious, adding that there is a real intention to take our role in this union as a founding member. At the conclusion of the visit Dr. Sultan Abu Urabi praised the potential and excellence of teaching staff and admired great enthusiasm of its students, wishing them continued success.

College of education (Ibn al-Haitham) hosts a delegation of Lebanese University

College of education for pure sciences (Ibn al-Haitham) at University of Baghdad received a delegation of professors and staff from the Lebanese University for Graduate Studies. The delegation made a tour among the halls of the college to keep abreast of its laboratories, modern equipment and means to facilitate the tasks of scholars.

College of engineering organizes a visit to Doura Power Station 

Department of electrical engineering at University of Baghdad organized a visit for the students of the fourth stage to Doura Thermal Power Station in order to activate consolidation of scientific cooperation between the ministries of higher education and scientific research and electricity. The students kept abreast with the divisions of operating, mechanics, electricity, self-control and industrial safety and they were accompanied by faculty members at the department to develop their abilities in service of construction in Iraq. The students expressed their appreciation for this great initiative that may improve their knowledge in this specialty. 

Ambassador of Japan in Iraq delivers a lecture on the Japanese experience at the International Studies Center

Center for strategic and international studies at University of Baghdad hosted the Ambassador of Japan in Iraq Mr. Fumio Iwai who delivered a lecture entitled “the Japanese experience after World War II and the lessons learned” in the presence of director of the center and a number of professors and researchers. Mr. Fumio Iwai described Japan’s postwar situation which is a country that lost more than 3 million Japanese citizens in a war that turned most cities to ruin but it managed to overcome numerous challenges after adopting reform plans. The Emperor of japan declared after 1945 that “the nation should devote its power to build a better future” so in order to address the problem of reproduction in the industrial sector, the start made up a “production priority plan” so that to devote all State financial and human resources available to invest in coal, iron and steel industries rapidly, but unfortunately this priority system contributed to inflation. Then in 1949 the renowned banker Joseph Dodge arrived and he worked on to cancel subsidies, loans to balance the budget, but this policy led to a great economic recession where half a million workers were laid off. The Japanese Ambassador stated that the spirit of loyalty to the country enabled his ancestors to rebuild their country after the independence of Japan and to achieve rapid growth in the late 1950s and Japan was able to rebuild, adding that in 1964 the Olympic Games were held for the first time in Asia in Tokyo.

Instructors of the college of fine arts participate in Arab Children’s Theatre Festival in Tunisia

Instructors from the department of art education at University of Baghdad participated in cooperation with the children’s cultural and art dolls center and the ministry of culture in Arab Children’s Theatre Festival in Tunisia where a play entitled (Tale of the crowing cock) that written and directed by Dr. Hussein Ali Harif won as the best play in this festival alongside with Khalid Ahmed Mustafa who was chosen as the best actor in this play. The director Dr. Harif stated that his play was considered as the best integrated work in Qafsa Tunisian festival adding that this show is dedicated for Iraqi children’s theatre. 

Students of the college of engineering visit Ahdab oil field

Students of the third stage at the department of oil engineering, University of Baghdad made a visit to Ahdab oil field in Wasit within the framework of cooperation with the ministry of oil to keep abreast with the important details of the oil industry in Iraq. The students were informed on oil drilling towers and the most important problems facing drilling engineers in their daily work as well as the nature of this industry. It is worth mentioning that Ahdab oil field is one of the important oil fields in Iraq in recent years so we look for increasing its production capacity.

University Activities

Family of the late founder of surveying engineering department donates his library

Al-Kindy college of medicine organizes a chess championship

Lecture on publishing research in discreet journals at Al-Khwarizmi College of engineering

Lecture on dreams of youth and steroids at the faculty of Pharmacy

Ibn Al-Haitham College of education organizes a lecture on (Li-Fi)

Institute of genetic engineering discusses the relationship among thermal shock gene models

College of engineering completes its preparations for participation in a conference on energy and economy

Natural history museum participates in the international conference on fashion

Al-Khwarizmi College of engineering organizes a seminar on electricity in biomedical engineering

Faculty of agriculture organizes a seminar on testing a solar cooling system

Faculty of engineering discusses inconvenience in multiple nonlinear input systems

Faculty of fine arts presents a theatrical dolls show

Faculty of engineering discusses the problem of overcrowding in transmission

Shooting team participates in Sports Day

College of administration and economics organizes a voluntary campaign

Faculty of Islamic sciences participates in International Interfaith Concourse Conference

College of medicine holds a charity bazaar to raise funds for orphans

Faculty of physical education for women gets the 6th place in Swedish Academy Ratings

Family of late Dr. Amori Hadi dedicates his written works to the library of administration and economics

Faculty of engineering discusses the uses of filter in fields

College of engineering participates in Iraq forum conference for energy and economy

Lecture on biological effectiveness measurement at the college of Ibn al-Haitham

Symposium on dismantling the structure of violence

College of dentistry celebrates International Day of Oral Health

Symposium on comics and animations at Development Center

College of medicine participates in a symposium at DNA Forensic Research and Training Center

Laser Institute discusses the treatment of urinary incontinence

Workshop on Google Scholar at the faculty of administration and economics

Instructor from al-Khwarizmi College of engineering publishes a research in FUEL Journal

Course on tennis at the college of physical education for women

Course on first aid for employees of the ministry of industry at the college of nursing

Seminar on conservatory surgery for cancer treatment at Al-Kindy College of medicine

Faculty of engineering discusses the manufacture of biofuels by interactive drip

Seminar on communication devices models at Al-Khwarizmi College of engineering

College of nursing participates in World psychological Health Day

Symposium on integrated fertilization and soil health at the faculty of agriculture

Symposium on research methodology and avoiding citation at the college of engineering

Voluntary campaign for cleaning and painting at the college of languages

Seminar on satellite orbits at the college of science

Faculty of science honors top students

College of media receive members of short film festival

Reports of the college of media’s radio impressed DW Foundation

College of administration and economics organizes a contest for students

Lecture on the importance of healthy food and at the college of nursing

Library of the college of physical education holds an exhibition of postgraduate students’ projects

Workshop on security and radiation safety at Al-Khwarizmi College of engineering

Symposium on Iraqi scientists throughout history at the college of education for women

Symposium on laser use in cancer therapy at the college of science for women