No. (60) in 1956

We, Faysal II, king of Iraq

After having reviewed the first paragraph of article (26) of the basic act and with the consent of the national assembly, we ratify the following act and order to be published:

Establishing a university: its objectives and structure

Article (1): In the city of Baghdad, university is established called the university of Baghdad in this act.

Article (2): His Majesty, the king is the protector of the university.

Article (3): The university is a safe campus.

Article (4):

A: The university is consisted of colleges and institutes each of which is specialized in one branch or a group of contiguous study materials in science, literature and arts.

B: The constituent assembly mentioned in the article (47) decides annexation of all or some of the existing colleges to university when convinced of their reaching to university level and has the right to propose amendment or change in their systems to reach this level.

Article (5): The university is concerned with higher studies, promote scientific research, dissemination of scientific, literary and technical studies, attention to moral virtues and Arabic Islamic civilization.

Article (6): Minister of education represents the university in cabinet and parliament.

Published in AL-Waqaa’ Al-Iraqi, No. (3806) on 14/6/1956

Act No. (28) in 1958

In the name of the people

The sovereign council

After having reviewed the article (21) of the interim constitution and based on what the minister of education presented and approved by the council of ministers, we ratify the following act:

Article (1): In the city of Baghdad, a university called university of Baghdad is established. The minister of education, based on the proposal of the university council, may present to the council of ministers to establish its branches in other cities of the republic of Iraq to ratify.

Article (2): The university is a safe campus.

Article (3): the university is concerned with all relevant higher education and graduate studies, promotes scientific research, advancement of arts, progress  of sciences and arts and civilization, revival of Arabic and Islamic civilization, attention to moral values and generally all that serve society and national purposes.

Article (4): The university is consisted of colleges with scientific departments concerned and the department is considered as the first academic unit specialized in teaching the materials concerned and conducting researches in various colleges of the university. The department is considered as larger organizational unit that consists of a range of scientific departments whose departments, their powers and duties in teaching and research are defined by a regulation of the council of the university after acknowledgement of the college concerned.

Article (5): The university consists of the following colleges:

  1. College of arts (humanities in the colleges of arts and sciences).
  2. College of science (scientific departments in the colleges of arts and science).
  3. College of law.
  4. College of commerce (college of commerce and economics).
  5. College of education (High teachers House).
  6. Tahrer college.
  7. College of engineering.
  8. College of agriculture.
  9. College of medicine.
  10. College of dentistry.
  11. College of pharmacy (college of pharmacy & chemistry).
  12. College of veterinary medicine.