View on the genius of place

University of Baghdad … View on the genius of place

Baghdad University is characterized with its unique place among Iraqi universities not just because it is the mother University from which the rest of the Iraqi universities have emerged, but also a place that kept its spirit since destiny gave it great opportunities unreached by others perhaps the most dominant thing is its ability to respond to climate and education, as much for its soft place full of greenery surrounded by water from all sides and it is surrounded by the Tigris River peninsula at Jadiriyah, so the opposites meet each other you can feel this place in the heart of the city and at other times you’re away. Once you pass its gate you are welcomed by a street truck with tree coverage, you may often completely forget what was behind you, noise of the city or any troubles you were preoccupied before. Since you enter lesson rooms, you find your mind and soul completely free although many buildings surround you for they are designed in a way that you won’t see in class but the class itself and wouldn’t mind something catches your gaze out the window and that you realize how long the designer of classrooms took place to reach these processors that are very harmonious to keep these buildings resistant to ageing and open to expansion. University’s buildings remained calm and preserve its weather and we wonder how much the designer needed when distributing construction areas across rectangles that have a rhythm like music and how much time the engineer gazed at the map of Baghdad to choose this area among various places. It is our good fortune that they have chosen this place that also proved to have the advantage of being invincible, since a lot of constructs were exposed to burglary and vandalism, while our university was obstinate to stretch it by the hands of ignorance and darkness. The University’s tower which includes its headquarters is one of the landmarks of the day for the people of Baghdad and it refers to knowledge and confirms its glory. The spirit of the idea by which University of Baghdad was designed is completely compatible with our cherished traditions that science is associated with the sanctity of the place where learning and knowledge is engaged across our history with the mosque. Mosques are places of knowledge, so the holy places are associated with seeking knowledge. A tribute to this university that spent fifty four years ago and is still in its youth, eager to advance, eager to bring successful permanency to attract life makers, scientists and leaders. A tribute to successive generations in this place, took the light of science and knowledge towards a new hope we give to those coming who are eager to step in.

Najat Naji Abdul Rahman
Director of Rector’s Assistant office for scientific affairs