From Tuesday, 2/1/2018 the e-mail service of University of Baghdad will be available for all users on Gmail instead of Smarter Mail, so we would like to draw your attention to the following:
1. The new service would use the same previous email address at the official domain of the university and a message will be sent to your current account including the temporary password for the new account also you can get the temporary password from your website administrator at your formation.
2. From the date mentioned above, sending electronic messages would be via the new service (Gmail) exclusively, while the previous email system would continue to be available for access to old messages.
3. In the first days, some messages may be received via SmarterMail, but after several days the receipt will be exclusively via the new service.
4. Below are detailed instructions on how to use the new account and transfer old messages. You can also contact your website administrator in your formation if you face any difficulty.
Instructions for the new email service:

Login Gmail: