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Al-Khwarizmi Collage of Engineering


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Historical View

It is an important faculty in University of Baghdad , and has been founded in 06/13/2002 (formerly, named second college of Engineering) and called the first batch of students for the academic year 2002-2003 after assuring most of the requirements in cooperation with the first Faculty of Engineering / University of Baghdad . Currently, it occupies three main buildings: (Deanery and administrative units building, scientific departments and laboratories building and the department of Biochemical Engineering building). The college is managed by elite of Engineering professors of good expertise in engineering education where they seeks to improve the quality of students and makes great efforts to promote the scientific level. For many reasons it takes on major responsibilities, most importantly it bears the name of the University of Baghdad.Baghdad, is “Dar AL Salaam “and the land of Islam and Arabism, and the capital of Mesopotamia and the Islamic caliphate at the height of scientific development for more than four centuries, because it contains modern engineering sciences that keep pace worldwide. The world will witness in the beginning of this century a rapid development in higher education and scientific research, based on the developments in the informatics and communications were reflected in turn on scientific disciplines, which many international universities started improving of new disciplines to keep pace with the scientific development and to meet the needs of the community. In order to keep pace with this in Iraq, AL Khwarizmi College of Engineering meets the future ambition to include disciplines in modern engineering science to ensure and keep pace with global trends that are consistent with the need for Iraq’s future requirements, taking into consideration the availability of human and material resources at their minimum limits that guarantee the achievement of goals. These disciplines are taught in many solid worldwide universities, including United States, Europe, Japan and other countries.


The mission of the Al – khwarizmi college of Engineering is to provide the community with engineers and technical staff of distinct and modern engineering disciplines, who are supported with knowledge and skills in accordance with academic, professional and international standards, and able to keep pace with the needs of the labor market through teamwork, innovation and creativity then continuing in education, learning, teaching, scientific research and exchange of knowledge. They also contribute to the development of cognitive abilities of the members of the community and its institutions and always enable them to pursue education. The mission of the college, also extends to provide postgraduate programs, engineering consultancy and conduct applied research to service the requirements of society and the labor market.


Al – khwarizmi college of Engineering looks forward to be the pioneer of engineering and modern sciences. It also works as an active partner in the national development in engineering education through promotion of research ways and techniques and employment of its returns for serving the community. The college plays a big role to be a pattern of distinction in providing high-quality education supported locally and globally and keep pace with the times by providing academic environment where students and faculty interact to create appropriate educational ambience.


Developing of specialized engineers in modern engineering displines ( Biomedical Engineering, Biochemical Engineering, Information and Communication Engineering, Manufacturing Processes Engineering, Mechatronics Engineering ), who are able to merge engineering sciences in practice , making decision and solving problems and have the potency to compete under the new international conditions to realize universal development in society.
Providing distinct academic programs, contribute to develop scholars, thinkers and creators.
Conducting scientific and applied researches and studies to solve society problems and contribute in enhancing development programs in Iraq.
Presenting studies , consultative and technical expertise for the bodies , institutions, companies and individuals for serving Iraqi community.
Supporting and intensifying of scientific and cultural ties with educational institutions and Iraqi, Arab and foreign universities.
Develop mechanisms for continuous updating of curricula and educational programs, in line with the labor market requirements.
Develop mechanisms to ensure the quality of the educational process in order to obtain the Accreditation offered by the college.