Undergraduate Studies for the Academic Year 2011-2012

Registration / Undergraduate Studies for the Academic Year 2011-2012

Acceptance of Iraqi students to study in Iraqi universities

  • Iraqi nationality.
  • Holds an Iraqi high school.
  • Passed the medical examination and graduates of the last school year and the past three years that precede it and is not admitted to any college or institute in the country (whether morning or evening study ) or private college.
  • Combining job and study in the morning study may not be allowed and the student endowed with eyesight, who meets the conditions can apply for the suitable Humanities.
  • The first quarter of the graduates of the Islamic high schools in the college of Islamic Sciences and in Arabic language and history departments of the colleges of Education, Arts and teachers’.
  • The graduates of branches in the professional morning schools and secondary professional evening schools are allowed to apply to the Board of Technical Education but the rates of their acceptance is determined in accordance with plan requirements for admission of the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research.

Acceptance of Arab and Foreign Students to study in Iraqi Universities

Acceptance and Applying:

  • The Arab and foreign students are accepted in accordance with the cultural programmes that are signed with the friendly countries and states according to the principle of reciprocity that the student will be nominated by the specialized authority in his country.
  • Students at the private expense are accepted by applying to Iraqi embassies abroad, and approved Arab and foreign embassies in Iraq or to the ministry directly.
  • The sons and wives of diplomats working in the country are accepted, according to the principle of reciprocity after submitting an approval by the official agency where the student’s guardian employs.
  • Students with a permanent residence are accepted centrally in the morning Studies and even in the evening and postgraduate studies with the same conditions of Iraqi students.
  • Students outside what is stated in (1 and 2) are accepted after the matter is submitted to the Minister and get the approval of relevant authorities if this is required.

Terms of acceptance in the morning and evening study

  • The student should hold a high (or secondary) school certificate or its equivalent in Iraq.
  • Certificate (non-Iraqi) of the student is being made equivalent from the Iraqi Ministry of Education after the authentication of the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the donor country for the certificate and the Iraqi embassy in that country, if any.
  • The graduation of the student from high school should not be more than three years for the morning study for those accepted according to (1, 3 and 5) of the first.
  • The graduation of the student from high school should not be more than four years for students at private expense in the morning study and those who are accepted in the evening study are excluded from the condition of graduation year.
  • The student should fill the Application form after paying for it.
  • The student who is not fluent in Arabic is given preparatory year at the Institute for Teaching Arabic as a Foreign Language /college of Arts at the University of Must ansiriya who is accepted in one of the referred to in (I).
  • The foreign students in the Arabic Teaching Institute for non-native speakers in the morning or evening sessions are accepted when they apply to study according to what is referred to in (I) and pay off tuition fees and assessed charges in hard currency.
  • Admission begins in 1 / 7 until 15 / 8 of every year except those in item (4 from the first).
  • The student must pass a medical examination conducted by health of the university to support his safety of contagious and infectious diseases as well as his physical ability of university study to be done before the student attends the study and this applies to postgraduate students as well.
  • Students are registered in the accepted college or institute within a maximum of 15/11 of every year except as stated in (4 from the first) otherwise acceptance of the student is considered canceled.
  • The percentage of acceptance is determined annually and the number of the non-Iraqi students who apply to study in accordance with the general plan of the acceptance
  • The one who has a sequence within the first 10% of the graduates of technical institutes is accepted for those who are residents in the country with the same rules of accepting Iraqi students, but foreign students are accepted according to the acceptance referred to in (I).
  • The transfer of students from universities outside Iraq is the same for transferring of Iraqi students according to the admission in (first).
  • The transfer of students between Iraqi universities and institutes is the same of Iraqi students transfer with the condition of the approval of the candidate authority and through the Ministry.
  • The student is granted a visa to Iraq after obtaining the approval of his acceptance and send a notice to the Iraqi embassy in the country where the student resides.

Documents required for admission of undergraduate studies students

  • High School Certificate duly certified
  • A birth certificate and a copy of the passport.
  • The application form after being paid with a payment receipt of financial affairs for the private expense students.
  • An application letter from the Government of the student if the student is one of the candidates at the expense of cultural exchange.