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April, 2012

A typical Demonstration of blood donation

  The university is in the service of the society” is the strategic human basis upon which the university depends to fulfill and complete the educational and scientific process , to include all that the society needs to evolve to be the best university, from here the university is doing a huge number of activities and human events in order to provide services in various types to the society, to have creative , humanitarian and service activities to the society with the multiplicity and diversity of disciplines that abound in the university .What the college of media of humanitarian initiative, formed a new turning point towards human civilized treatment and with a civilized society, which is essentially part of the University. Where the college held a blessing campaign with blood donation in order to save as much as possible of those patients, the students rush with the rest of the world to meet the call and donate blood significantly, where the College organized this campaign in cooperation with the human association “together we grant life” and for the second year respectively, in order to save children’s disease Iilasemian and save all that can be saved, and the campaign came under the slogan “a drop of blood .. grant life,” and in cooperation with the National Center for Blood Transfusion of the Ministry of Health, and in the courtyards and gardens of the college of media with the presence of Prof. Dr. Hashim Hassan Dean of the college of media and a large number of students, faculty and staff, to participate in this campaign, more than 250 donors between professors, students and staff, these donations make some kind of faith and the usual jealousy of the Iraqi man, and a sense of human solidarity.

  Dr. Hashim Hassan supervised and followed-up the campaign and made good efforts to accompany his students and colleagues in the college and staff, noting that humanitarian action is the basis which we want in our educational and scientific work in the University.

  The website team met Dr.Hashim Hassan in his office, he showed that the campaign is a gift from Iraqi people to the victims of terrorism, to form a comprehensive message with all the meanings of harmony and brotherhood in our homeland Iraq, to assure the united Iraqi ranks, to be a response to terrorism and terrorists, people of Iraq are one people and their blood is one blood ,there is no difference between any of the components of the Iraqi people, to lay the foundations for cooperation between the university institution and the society, Dr. Hashem added that the bottles of blood have been filled totally and sold out completely with the medical team that accompanied the donation process, with run out all blood vessels related to the preservation because of the large number of donors, which indicates how the response was quick to the campaign.

  The website team met some of the participants , who donated their blood to save Iraqi patients, and contributed to the success of this academic human event, where the donor student Wael Muhammad Sawadi of the Public Relations Department said that blood donation is a human action which brings me closer to Almighty God, it is an act of civilization and at the same time send a self-confidence to be a loving man for good, and to contribute to rescue the others to achieve the goodness of mankind.

  The Media spokesman of the Ministry of Health, Dr.Ziad Tariq said that the campaign represents an excellent sign by the college, and the ministry is ready to provide facilities and services to all who wish to replicate the human experience and its success, the student Afrah al-Faisal, a member of the Association “together we grant life,” confirmed that the association is making charity works at the university level and consists of 17 students, self-funded and with the a modest potential , but offers pure human service , noting that the mentioned campaign precedes similar campaigns of blood donation and the fight against smoking, and that the Association is looking to transfer this leading experience to the rest of the educational institutions and organizations, and the humanitarian organizations outside the university.

  The head of the association “together we grant life” Ahmed Muhammad Sadiq of the Department of Journalism at the college of Media said that the the goal of this campaign is to highlight the solidarity of the Iraqi people and its unity, it represents a strong response to generally those who betted on the unity and cohesion of Iraqis of all components , and the donation campaign represents a message of love and peace to all the people of Iraq and the honourable people in the world to tell them this is the case with the Iraqi initiator of giving and sacrificing for his Iraqi brother, he added that the campaign has seen extraordinary donors, and for the second consecutive year, as included all of the students and faculty and staff from all colleges in Al- Jadiriyah compound , which continued beyond the official working hours, due to the high donors and the insistence of many students to participate to donate despite the weakness of their physical ability , I would also like to thank the Ministry of Health and Dean of the college of media, to make a way and support this human initiative by all means.

  Editor of the website of the University Assistant Professor Dr. Abdul Bassit Salman attended the event and expressed his admiration and praise for those in charge of the campaign, and the donors who have not stopped smiling during their donation, which confirms the success of the event confirming the accuracy of the organization of the campaign, and the intensity of the number of donors.

The College of Engineering Celebrates its 90th
Foundation Anniversary

  Under the auspices of His Excellency the Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research, Mr. Ali Al-Adeeb, the College of Engineering celebrated majestically its 90th foundation anniversary in Al-Hakeem Hall at the University of Baghdad. The celebration was attended by Dr. Abid Ali Al-Taee representing the Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research in the celebration, Dr. Ali Al-Dabagh, the government spokesman, Dr. Ibraheem Bahr Al-Ulum, former Minister of Oil, Prof. Mosa Al-Mosawe,Ph.D, President of the University of Baghdad, Prof. Ameen Dawai Thamir, Ph.D, President of the University of Technology, Dr. Mohammad Hamza Al-Shemari, First Administrative Deputy of the Governor of Baghdad, a number of members of Baghdad Governorate Council, a large number of deans of colleges, representatives from different ministries, a great number of general directors, a group of foreign guests, a large number of pioneer graduates, faculty and staff.

  The celebration was commenced with the national anthem and a recitation from the Quran. Then the attendants read Surat Al- Fatiha standing in pleasing of martyr’s spirits. After that, Dr.Saba Jabar Neama, Chairperson of the Department of Architectural Engineering, delivered the speech of the Preparatory Committee for the 90th Anniversary Celebration in which she clarified the historical importance of the college; she also thanked the dean of the college, the General Supervisor of the 90th Anniversary Celebration Preparatory Committee for his support and continuous follow up to produce a celebration suitable for the history of our college.

  Dr. Abid Ali Al-Taee, Under-Secretary of the Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research recited the speech of the Minister in which he said” The College of Engineering has always presented generations of creative engineers who left their prints in every spot in Iraq”.

  Then Ali Al-Dabagh, the government spokesman, delivered the alumni speech. He said “we need you, we need graduates, we need engineers, we everyone who has creative thinking to build the life destroyed by the tyrants and the unjust. I am honored today to stand among you reading the graduates speech”.

  Prof. Mosa Al-Mosawe, Ph.D, President of the University of Baghdad, said” What the College of Engineering did throughout its glorious history in addition to the duties it aspires to in supporting public and private sectors with engineers in different specialties to build the country and providing services represent an important link in the development of our beloved country”. It is worth mentioning here that the President of the University of Baghdad is a former dean of the College of Engineering.

  In his speech, Prof.Qasim Mohammad Dos,Ph.D, said “Today, we pay attribute and respect celebrating the anniversary of founding our old college, the College of Engineering/UoB which is a pioneering institute that has outlined the engineering education in Iraq throughout the ninety years of serious hard work. He thanked the attendants for honoring the celebration. He also thanked His Excellency the Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research for honoring the college with a visit that gave it a strong motivation to develop. He extended his ample gratitude to the members of the Preparatory Committee for the 90th Anniversary Celebration who made great efforts to present a successful celebration”.

  The students of the Department of Architectural Engineering presented the College of Engineering operetta. After that Prof.Qais Al-Sabagh,Ph.D, Head of the Preparatory Committee for the 90th Anniversary Celebration, delivered a memoir talk in which he talked about the establishment of the college, its department, statistics about each department and number of college graduates and faculty.

In a talk for the college website, the dean of the College of Engineering affirmed that the college today did not celebrate the passing of ninety years but it celebrated years full of achievements, giving, graduates who vitally participated in building Iraq. Several ministers, under-secretaries and general directors in the successive Iraqi governments and faculty graduated from this college. Also this college has provided engineering colleges in Iraq with faculty.

  He clarified that the college began the preparation for the celebration a year ago. The starting point was planning to accomplish the College Fact Book which was distributed in the celebration today. This book has the history of the college, information about all its departments, the undergraduate and postgraduate curricula, pioneering graduates biographies, names of faculty in every department and a group of college activities. This book will write the history of our old college. After accomplishing the book, we prepared this distinguished celebration. In my name and on behalf of the College of Engineering, I present gratitude and thanks to the members of the Preparatory Committee for the 90th Anniversary Celebration for enduring the burden of this great work which was additional effort for them since most of them have administrative tasks in addition to their teaching tasks. I also congratulate myself on picking qualified people from the college to accomplish the celebration in all its details without depending on any external support.

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