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March, 2012

Pioneers in the University of Baghdad

Anniversary of International Women’s Day

 With the anniversary of International Women’s Day, University of Baghdad recalls the feminist academic characters, and honored a group of outstanding women in the university to give women a special place, and the achievements of women at the scientific or administrative fields, and with this anniversary, the university pays attention to the care of women , she is a sister, a mother and a teacher.

 What we observe in the media, woman have become an active and influential in all areas, she gets great interest in our university, the university of Baghdad or in our Iraqi society which respect and evaluate woman .Perhaps, what an assistant professor Dr. Riyadh Aziz Hadi had published, the scientific Assistant of the President of the University, is a human expression of the viewpoint of the scientists and intellectuals in Iraq or at the University of Baghdad, to respect woman and to maximize her educational and humanitarian status considering her an efficient factor in the communities, through her career in the construction and development of many areas in the communities .

International Media Carnival in the Media Spring of the University of Baghdad

  The University has reviewed in the university media week a large number of media events that can not be achieved by some States in a short period and with the potentials of the university without relying on any of the professional sides or production companies. It has reviewed a number of high artistic offers, in the theater, poetry, music, cinema, poster, plastic arts, photography, calligraphy and decoration, posters and caricature , book fairs and Archive exhibitions of press and media, and other important media events where the university and its colleges ,institutes and all scientific centers participated in coordination with the Department of Media and Public Relations at the university and through the Department Manager Dr. Kadhim Al Omran who made a special effort to make this Media week distinctive and highly characteristic, where the Department of media has prepared for months this major celebration, where more than seventy satellite channels and the news and media organizations attended for broadcasting and covering the events of this week.

  A number of ministers and members of the Parliament, and president of the university Prof. Dr. Musa Al-Musawi and his two associates Dr. Riyadh Aziz Hadi and Dr. Bahaa To’ma Jiyad attended the second university media week, and also officials in the government and educational sectors, , academics and media figures also attended this event. The opening ceremony witnessed at the first day, which held in the hall of the martyr al-Hakim, a grand ceremony, from the musical and theatre displays. citing poems and the display of the TV film on this occasion, entitled (Her Majesty) with an exhibition of calligraphy and decoration and another of photographs, as well as a concert accompanied the celebration and with two bands : one of the East music of and the other with Western music. The President of the University Prof. Dr. Musa Jawad al-Moussawi has delivered a speech on this celebration in which he praised the great efforts of the Department of media and relationships and the website, and what they have achieved of large and impressive results.The President of the university also expressed the scientific achievements made by the university in recent years, especially in the field of scientific research, and the achievements of researchers and university graduates at the international levels, indicating that a large proportion of the researchers of the university are now at very high levels , as the scientific researches of our researchers has received major applause of the scientific institutions and international referred journals that published researches of our university, he also praised the role of the media, which plays an important role in transferring the facts and information to the community, and its role in moving the wheel of advancement and progress in countries, stressing that the media at the university is now moving on according to the concept of precise, strategy, all that is due to the tireless efforts of the Department of media and website. Dr. Kadhim Al Omran expressed in a speech he delivered in this celebration, that the role played by the presidency of the university in drawing sound scientific map to the student and the professor has contributed radically upon the university to have an Excellence Media attendance. Dr. Omran said in a statement of the website that Dr. Musa al-Musawi has stepped confidently towards intellectual advancement of the process of education in the university to achieve a quantum leap in academic progress and prosperity for Iraq as a whole and not only for the University.

  Al-Omran also added that the ceremony stressed the honoring of the Chairman and members of the Council of the University of Baghdad for their serious role in the renaissance of science and technology, and Humanity in the community ,adding that we cared a lot to honor many media organizations and press personalities , who have contributed in building the homeland and the transfer of the truth without any bias, where we presented gifts and appreciation certificates, for all those who contributed in the media of the country creatively, as we evaluate the twentieth media organizations contributed to the deployment of science and knowledge in cooperation with the University of Baghdad, and evaluate three of the most university educational institutions cooperative with the university media , as well as evaluating three of the leading cooperative figures of the educational university academic with the media, as well as evaluating and honouring the most prominent groups of professionals of the university media from the Department of Media and public Relations.The second day witnessed a scientific session where (marketing product research and performed scientific Baghdad University) was discussed and leading researchers specializing in the media at the country and the university levels has contributed as well as our website contributed by Assistant Professor Dr. Abdul Bassit Salman, editor of the website of the University, who participated with a distinctive research entitled “The Reality of media researches and marketing” as his research is published with the rest accepted and distinctive researches to participate in the third issue of the journal (Studies in the University Media ) Dr. Abdul Bassit Salman explained in an interview conducted by a website team , that the central ceremonial by the Department of media and Public Relations constitute a new turn in the university media process , and is one of the greatest media achievements in the history of the University of Baghdad.Adding that the touches of Dr. Kadhim Omran Musa are clearly visible through the creative and innovative offers witnessed by the Theater of the University and the accompanying exhibitions and participations that are less in the Middle East universities, what I saw in the celebration raises surprise at the possibilities of creative and organizational capacities enjoyed by the Department of Media and Public Relations, this is an indication of an active role in the formulation of joy and happiness to researchers and staff of our ancient university , so I write down my appreciation to all who contributed in this week After the scientific session the participants went to attend the celebration of the college of Mass Media . The Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research, Professor Ali al-Adeeb, President of University Prof. Dr. Musa al-Musawi and manager of media and public relations, Dr.Kadhim Al-Omran attended the celebration. The Minister then opened a statue of Gilgamesh and an exhibition of books, and the artistic sport performance about love of Iraq and the news conference of several media means ,talked about the results of his visit to the United States and his meeting with the heads of American universities and a number of those wishing to invest in the higher education sector in Iraq, then the Minister received a bouquet and the media and Public Relations souvenir at the University of Baghdad, on the occasion of the university media week ,praising the great efforts of the university media and the importance of media in the current stage , stressing the need for repeating graduate students from the college of Mass Media the oath of graduation that they are keen to convey the truth and the sincere word and not following behind the trends that are harming the reputation and status of the Iraqi media.

  The last three days of the university week devoted to the public relations performance , which are centered on the evaluation of the ideal employee of the University Center and its departments , through the standards including the annual calendar of the last three years , and a commitment to the implementation of job duties, a commitment to the official attendance , and enjoy the ideal morals cooperation and humility in dealing with citizens in general, and letters of appreciation that are obtained. The fourth day will be for an open dialogue with staff members of the university, where each manager is going to nominate five staff members of his own , and conduct an open dialogue with them concerning the problems and performance constraints ,while the last day would be hosting the gentlemen managers of departments of the University Centre at the hall of the University Council and talk with them on the most prominent problems offered in discussion with the students and staffs and discuss the ways of solving them as well as studying the prospects for enhancing the cooperation with the university media , including an offer of a more positive image of the mother of Iraqi universities.

  The website team accompanied the activities and events of this media week, and documented all the activities and creations of the Department of Media and Public Relations in a range of photographs. Prof. Dr. Hassan Mandeel the language expert of the website and the manager of the website also attended the central ceremony and all the activities of the week .The website team expressed his admiration and overwhelming happiness for these scientific and media achievements of the Department of Media and Public Relations, so the website team congratulates Dr. Kadhim Omran Musa, manager of Media and Public Relations and all the staff of the department of the distinctive media creativeness Congratulations and more progress and prosperity, God willing, to our dear country.

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