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February, 2012

The University Theatre comes back with an International play The Theatre of the University of Baghdad Challenges and Exceeds the Expectations to come back with a public work

   After a long time break lasts for about 25 years ago the university theatre in the University of Baghdad comes back with a new look and a big public playwright work within international standard characteristics on the stage of the University of Baghdad at Al-Hakeem Hall in Al-Jadirriyya ,depending on the international language of the theatre and the elements of form and content of the play ,from fashion , theatrical decorations and Scenography within the new non traditional S scale with planned soundtrack, lighting and sound effects and accessories and very precise movement of characters ;in addition to the woven scenario through the studied scenic pattern ,psychologically ,intellectually and scientifically to create an affected scene epitomized the thrill and excitement and dazzling for the recipients to fulfill a flow of impact and empathy and harmony to the audience all that through the play ” The Christian Family”, the play that has been able for the first time in the history of Iraq to attract more than two thousand spectators in the theatre that can have one thousand four hundred seats only, where the university theatre filled with more than the reasonable ,more than six hundred people stay without seats, not to mention those who came to the theatre and could not get a seat including senior officials in government institutions and non –government organization.

Engineer Jassim Muhammad Jaafar, who is the sponsor of the playwright work, attended the play, as well as the President of the University of Baghdad Dr.Musa Al-Musawi ,the supporter of the playwright work,the ex-Minister of Displacement and Migration Pascal Warda also attended the play ,in addition to the representative and councilor of the Prime Minister Dr.Adnan Al-Sarraj with a large group of deputy ministers and general mahagers ,deans and heads of academic departments, and very big crowds of faculty members and students.The follow –up and security officials at the university expressed their astonishment at the vast amount of numbers of spectators in the theatre where they have never dealt with such a large number which necessitated a special and significant effort to arrange the entry and exit of the spectators. Many students ,more than three hundred ,saw the work standing up.The theatre was packed with cheers,encouragement ,enthusiasm,sharp applause to the playwright team expressing their admiration and solidarity with the play which expressed the unity of Iraq and its consistency of all its sectors across the human heritage of Iraq ,embodied in the eternal human symbols in the book of Iraq revealing the eternal heroic epic that had not been highlighted in this way and bright image of the wealthy history of Iraq through the hero of the play ,a character of Christian Wahab ,the Christian man who supported Islam in the battle of Al-Taf,beside Al-Hussain (PBUH) and sacrificed himself for the right against the wrong to be a martyr for supporting Al-Hussain (PBUH) and the right and humanitarian with his mother and wife who did not spend a week in her marriage and then his wife died beside him in an immortal battle ,only for the spectator to discover that the great British writer William Shakespeare had been inspired by the idea of Romeo and Juliet from the love story of the Christian Wahab and his wife who refused to die but next to her husband for supporting the right and Muslims against the wrong.

   Minister of Youth and Sport ,engineer Jaafar Muhammad expressed his pleasure and gratitude to the team of the playwright work and the director and the writer of the scenario of the play Dr.Abdulbassit Salman ,editor of the our website and praised the efforts and the efforts of the university in holding this theatrical work .Dr.Musa Al-Musawi also expressed his great happiness and thanking to the team of the play and the great success that the play achieved .He then went towards the students and the theatrical team to take a memorable photo that expresses the academic victory of the university of Baghdad in a public play that serves the Iraqi society and unites it with a creative idea that has been woven from the heritage of Iraq and represented by the young student group from the university .

The ex-Minister Pascal Warda went towards the playwright team and stepped up the stage personally to congratulate the director Abdulbassit Salman ,expressing her admiration of the play and appreciating the efforts of the playwright team and the humanitarian action of the work.

   Editor of Al-Da’wa newspaper and the general manager of the Al-Masar Aloula channel Mr.Hassan Saeed expressed his happiness and great admiration of the play and thanked the staff especially the director and considered the play a great step towards the right path of the theatre ,an intellectual constructed theatre.He stepped up the stage to participate the happiness of the success of the play and to greet the director personally .He stated to our website team that the play was world-class characteristic and can represent Iraq in global ,large and great festivals .

One of the spectators of the play was Christian and was crying while he was watching the play .When our website correspondent asked him about his opinion of the play he said 🙁 By God I heard and watched and read a lot about the issue of Al-Hussain but I I have not comprehended it but today after I watched the big show in the play .The message of the play through Al-Hussain and his immortal issue is still full of love,cooperation and consistency among the peoples and religions for human freedom and his dignity that God Wanted for him).

   Satellite cameras deployed in the theatre with all its angles so that the theatre has become a forest planted with cameras ,microphones ,reporters and recording devices where more than sixty satellite channels and reporters and journalists rushed and moved to record the play perfectly .Assistant Professor of media Dhiya Mustafa congratulated the director and stated that we usually teach students in the college but what I have seen today on the stage is beyond imagination at all in a way that I felt that students as if they were teachers, teaching us what is theatre .Their performance on the stage changed all points of view and fixed a fact that the creative capabilities of the creative Iraqi are beyond imagination and endless. This goes back to the role of the teacher Dr.Abdulbassit Salman who started from none with the students to teach them all the correct academic theatrical traditions and then surprised us with his students with this great work named The Christian Family.

  Professor of media Assistant Professor Dr.Kareem Mishat AL-Musawi at Al-Sadiq University and University of Baghdad couldn’t control himself as he watched the play shedding tears of joy to students who embody heroism and altruism in a highly artistic vision and move towards the director with a stream of kisses and hugs expressing his admiration and astonishment of this play.

  The Scholar Dr.Kadhim Muhammad Professor of Public relations at the college of media said that he watched the work in the stages of training and liked and was astonished and today I noticed the show and was really shocked with what our director has submitted and our dear students on the stage in front of about more than two thousand spectators where I couldn’t get a seat and stayed standing there watching and enjoying the show shaking my heart and the hearts of all who watched it The work was directed wonderfully and embodied one of the data of freedom revolution by fraternity, human unity and fighting the injustice and supporting the right against the wrong and this is seen in the central character of the play that set up a cry of freedom in the sky of humanity .the message does not summarize one religion but all other religions .Bless this work that submitted these values in an academic, civilized manner hopping of our teacher Dr.Abdulbassit to feed the university and the students with similar works and human data for its serious human rebels across the Greatest Prophet Muhammad bin Abdullah and his holy family and his brave friends peace and prayers be upon them all.

   When the play ended many offers have been submitted to the director of the play play Dr. Abdulbassit Salman to be presented in the provinces of Iraq ,where he has been invited in Najif within the activities of Najif as the capital of culture ,the province of Wasit also offers an invitation as well as the province of Karbala’ and the northern and southern provinces.Some universities invited the director and the executive producer Mr. Hussain Al-Dhakir to display the work .International institutions discussed the possibility of displaying the play in Europe and negotiate around mechanism of achieving that for its importance in shaping the bright image of the Iraqi mind and human thought in the Iraqi personality.

   The director of the play Abdulbassit Salman stated that he praised and thanked God every hour of what this work made of a vast coming and thanked the Minister of Youth and Sport ,Dr,Musa Al-Musawi ,Dr.Bahaa’ Tuma for their support of the play and added that the work had included sincere people who worked behind the scenes as if they were unknown soldier such as the creative Fadhal Abbas the executive director .the wonderful Salah Mahdi the author ,the great Mr.Majid Al-Jam’I the production director of the play and the creative Mr.Hussain Al-Dhakir the executive producer ,those have done their best to make this work successful and sacrificed many things .They spent many nights for the sake of the work and were very loyal so I ‘d like to express my gratitude and thanking to them .I can say that the university theatre has returned to its highest levels in this play and in coordination with the presidency of the university there is going to be an annual theatrical programme to display plays for immortal humanitarian subjects like this one which attracted all the sectors of the Iraqi society : Christians ,Muslims,Turkmen,Kurds and many others to find out that our humanitarian path is one and targeted towards peace and goodness.

   It is worth mentioning that the theatrical work is one of the most important mass media and most influential by virtue that the theatre sends direct messages to the wide public and face to face on the stage.

The website team accompanied this work from its early stages a few months ago.and documented all the stages with photographs of each stage and had displayed some previously and today it displays part of the show day that took place on Thursday 16-2-2012 on the stage of university of Baghdad at Al-Hakeem Hall in Al-Jadirriyya.

Smart card project in University of Baghdad

   Due to the great technological development that happened in information systems and the use of the these systems in computer sciences widely in all facilities of daily life in different countries and advanced countries with e-Government based on this importance and the the belief to keep pace with the development of the world and to be proactive in scientific fields ,the university of Baghdad started to apply the project of smart card for the university.This came during a visit by a delegation from the Global Company of smart card represented by the Director of Issuing the smart card Mr. Jameel Saleem Jameel where during the meeting ,the first smart card was delivered to Prof.Dr.Musa Jawad Al-Musawi.The president of the University confirmed that the use of the smart card will help to facilitate and accelerate the distribution of salaries and the money to the staff electronically ,through the branches of Al-Rafidain and Al-Rasheed spread all over the country .Adopting the project of smart card comes to facilitate the works of the university and the financial and banking operations.

   The two sides emphasized the completion of this project and to make it successful to facilitate the following –up of the staff in receiving the salaries where this will ease the administrative and financial burdens and achieve the goals of the university that keep pace with the scientific innovations in its administrative work to have a positive and bright interface that goes with the ambitions of the new Iraq. The manager of the smart card stated that the prominent benefit of the using the card is that the mechanism will contribute to eliminate and avoid tampering, forgery, in a way that ensure access of the money to their real desrvers.

The Christian Family – a new play of the University

   With the support of Prof. Dr. Musa Al-Musawi of the University of Baghdad and sponsored by the Ministry of Youth and Sport, preparations are going on in the theatre of the university at the Hall of Martyr Al-Hakim in Al-Jadirriyya to display a new play entitled “The Christian Family”, it is performed by a group of university students and is directed by Dr.Abdulbasset Salman, professor of digital media in the university- college of mass media.

The play is about the role of the Christians in supporting the right against the falsehood and their standing with the Muslims against injustice to support the right .The Ministry of Youth and Sport sponsored this work as a support for scientific youth and embracing them in supporting the scientific process and to support student youth activities. More than 100 specialists among boy and girl students and professors have co-operated .The participants showed their deep happiness of this great work which the students considered a golden opportunity to master the media work. The student Ahmed Alwan, from the college of mass media and is the production director of the play , has expressed that the play represents a dream as long as I wish that I work in such a work since I entered the university first I didn’t get the chance over the past years to participate in a huge work like this play noting that I with my colleagues looking for the opportunity and counting the hours for the date of the play training with the director of the play from whom we learn a lot we didn’t know about them ,but we didn’t hear about them. Ahmed went on stating that the period we have entered the university ,unfortunately ,was tragic ,being from a generation after the second millennium who faced a blockade and occupation and deprived of many things in the field of media or theatre and cinema .I did not enter any play during my life and not enter the cinema only once outside Iraq. Thank God today my colleagues and I are living unreadable moments with this play. I’d like to add that I’m one of the students of province and live in a dormitory and our great enthusiasm for the play make us do training on the roof of the dormitory with my colleagues.

   Director of the work Dr.Abdulbasset Salman who occupied the position of the editor in chief of the website of the university stated that the work has many objectives including the scientific aspects of teaching students the scientific traditions in the public mass media act considering the theatre as being one of the most important public mass media as well as the psychological.

Aspects of the students who need self-confidence through practical experience or through laboratory applications to enter the professional work or education and that by standing in front of the audience face to face and the work holds a national character of the unity of Iraq through fraternal unity where the message of the work is brotherhood and solidarity. Thank God there are very effective participations and responses in the university from the president of the university and the administrative assistant Dr.Bahaa’ Toma and Mr. Abdulkareem Muneer the manager of the office of the president of the university where we found unlimited support and response to the creative activities and here I took the opportunity to express my appreciation to them and to the Ministry of Youth and Sport which provided its potentials to make this work successful ,which we hope to achieve additional gain for our great university and beloved country.

   The work will be displayed on Thursday 16th February at the theatre of Al-Hakeem Hall, government and parliamentary figures, and media means will attend to watch it, there are many invitations sent to many official and unofficial sides. The website team accompanied the work and documented it with a set of photographs for more than four months ,in a series of photograph that show the stages of implementing the work and drawing its first image to its development and reaching its final stages on the stage and decoration and fashion.

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