Baghdad University Guide, 2011

In The Name Of God the most Merciful, the Compassionate
“We raise by grades (of Mercy) whom We will, and over every lord of knowledge there is more knowing”
(The Holy Quran)

University of Baghdad is one of the first ancient official universities not only in Iraq but also in the Arab world as it was established in 1957.The World –wide Architect, Walter Krubis, designed its basis in 1960, who is one of the most prominent architect of the 20th century and an international leader for the movement of modern architecture.
 University of Baghdad has currently 24 colleges in various disciplines. The first of which is the College of Law which was established in 1908 as well as 4 Institutes of Postgraduate  Studies, 16 consulting bureaus , 8 scientific research centers and 15 research units .The university is paid great attention to scientific research and authorship. Our university seeks to hold scientific agreements with the big Arab and foreign universities, which would greatly benefit the Iraqi researchers.
 University of Baghdad has become one of the largest universities in the region wherein undergraduates range about (69000) and about 1600 postgraduates. Our university trained successive generations of staff members of our university and other universities in Iraq as well as staff members that have contributed to the establishment of several universities and colleges in Arab countries, and some of them work in a number of advanced universities in the world and have been pointed at with fingers. We are proud to have Arab expatriates and foreigners from various Arab countries for the purposes of undergraduate and postgraduate studies.
 Though we are fully aware of the difficulties that stand in our ambitions, especially the revolution of modern technology as a result of circumstances of the country experienced in the long past years, but we  are determined to bridge this gap be the first among the Middle East  or Arab universities and  make our graduates aware of this. We have strategic plans to hold conferences, symposiums, seminars, academic festivals and  scientific exhibitions to follow up this trend. To conclude, our university will remain a radiating beacon for science that lightens human life and transcends its values and builds its present and future.


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