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January, 2012

An Inspection Visit to the Website Locations of the University of Baghdad

  As it is believed that technology has an essential role in the development of societies and science, the University of Baghdad has given care to this academic and vital field. In addition to that many of the colleges at the university are dealing with digital technology as basic sciences in their academic curricula , the university insists and confirms everyday the adoption of technologies practically in its academic and administrative work, , thus the president of the university Prof. Dr. Musa Jawad al-Moussawi is keen to follow-up this side and focuses on the technological side to be available in all its forms in the administrative and systematic work both in the presidency of the university or in the colleges, institutes and scientific centers of the university.

 The president of the university has visited the University central location of the websites at the Tower of the University in Al-Jadrriyya, and had a look at the progress of work, the transmitters, servers and the electronic networks of the university. He also had a look at the websites of colleges and institutes and all scientific centers, to make sure of the work and its methodology in all websites, having a look at the new links in French, German, and Spanish that are added to the website, expressing his optimism of this development with these new languages and emphasizing the preparation of scientific personnel and all the potentials for the setting up of the website with the new languages.

  The President of the University focused on the development of mechanisms used to strengthen and improve the performance of some colleges websites that have not lived up to the ambition adopted by the university to be one of the best universities in the Middle East or the world. Mr.Basim Hamid, manager of the website,and Assistant Professor Dr.Abdulbasit Salman, editor of the website, received the President of the University where all the details of the work of the central location has been displayed and it has been coordinated with the president of the university to find out a more advanced development of all websites of the university ,as well as the President of the University emphasizes that the websites of all colleges, institutes and centers, should be unified with one curriculum and format to make the University according to a system like other European or American and Canadian universities.

The president listened to the problems that hinder the work of the website , explaining that this stage we are experiencing now can not afford complacency or waiting, it is a sensitive stage and we need to communicate with the developed world to catch up with technology, indicating that the reality forces us to find typical, non-traditional solutions to overcome all the obstacles, to get to the best and continuously without any compromise.

The president of the university also has praised the efforts of the Central website hoping for all the websites associated with Central website to deal in accordance with the set out system in the Presidency of the university, given that all obstacles had been overcome and the university has provided all the possibilities and mechanisms and technology for colleges , institutes and centers to get the highest levels and the best , in order to make the website of the University of Baghdad in the global rankings that suits the reputation of the University of Baghdad.

The Superman of the University: Farid Abdul Zahra – the astronaut

   There are many characters that boast the University of Baghdad to be prestigious, day after day we ponder many of the details of our university on the website, we discover that the university contains relics of thought, art, creativity and development,it shows on the surface highly elevated international figures. Having taken note of these rare creative people we discover that there are morepeople of the university and at different levels, one of these creative people that formed a whole sudden for the world, The Superman of Iraq and astronaut FaridAbdul-Zahra, a graduate of the college of Science at the University of Baghdad, the character that amazed the world with his golden jumps of the highest elevations in the world above the sea level, which was addressed by the greatest newspapers, magazines and satellite channels such as Calfox News or CNN or Reuters and othermedia world-class.

   Unfortunately this character did not receive much attention from the Arab and local media. Because of his good origin, he has embodied his loyalty and goodness byinsisting that the first station he visits is to be the University of Baghdad, to meet Prof. Dr. Musa al-Musawi, who received him with open arms like the heroes, Administrative Assistant Prof. Dr. Bahaa Tou’ma Jiyad also received pilot Farid. The President of the University of Maysan accompanied Farid and took him in a tour in the university andhis college ,the college of Science, and that is held in honor of the international character ,he is visiting Iraq in these days in reply to the invitation of the Prime Minister, Mr. Nouri al-Maliki and his hospitality, which according to our Captain Faridthat he was very pleased to live in his native country Iraq and among his beloved people , noting that the days he spent in Iraq can not be described, they pass likemoments of goodness, beauty and fragrance , and may some people do not believe ifI said that what I saw in my country Iraq and the University of Baghdad shocked me actually, as the media did not convey the realities and the facts as they are in Iraq, but most of them distort the image of Iraq and gives a bleak inhuman image, the timeI found Iraq boasts in development, progress and urbanization, and what I heard is contrary to exactly what have dealt with the newspapers and foreign media, whichsome of the media organizations mislead the facts of this giant country deliberately.

   The university website team met Captain Farid during his visit to the University; he expressed his deep pleasure that he didn’t expect to see the bright uniforms of the students of the university, the punctuality and discipline in attending lectures and how beautiful the university looks with its flowers everywhere. Captain Farid is a graduate of the University / college of Science, Department of Chemistry, after having lived and grew up in a humble family in Maysan province, heendured life and its cruelty in order to achieve the noble objectives, to be a dove of peace in parts of the earth. Captain Farid was able to be unique across theachievements and talents he enjoys, he is in addition to be an astronaut has moretalents which are more than 15 in 15 rare specializations, such as climbing mountains , riding motorcycles, diving, horsemanship, etc., so-called more often Superman, and perhaps what he has done in diving to the 82 level meters under water withoutbreathing, is something not normal, especially since the list of Guinness consideredhim the first and pioneer in the field of space, after jumping over the top of the world, that of Everest, the highest mountain in the world.

   The Red Cross has chosen him Goodwill Ambassador and the Ambassador of Peace few days ago .He is the Superman of Iraq and the champion of sport and peace, Perhaps the immortal situations that cover the creative Farid Abdul Zahra are numerous, and in our meeting with him we were able to get some achievements and events in the world, and can be summarized as follows.


    1. jump over Everest the highest peak in the world 30,000 feet. (Encyclopedia ofGuinness) as the first Iraqi within this encyclopedia.
    2. the first Iraqi Arab future astronaut.
    3. the first Arab Iraqi civilian pilot flying in a fighter plane Mig-29 to the limits of space to 90,000 feet.
    4. The first Arab Iraqi pilot flying with the world champions of the reviews of military fighter in an aircraft of type L -39.
    5. The first Iraqi free diver ever achieves 80 meters under the sea without breathing for four minutes and a half.
    6. The first Iraqi pilot, paratrooper engine.
    7. The first Iraqi international sailboat pilot.
    8. Made the first civil free parachute jump over Baghdad as a peace and love jump of the beloved Iraq
    9. He was delegated by the Arab Union for Astronomy and Space Sciences representative of Iraq and the Arabs in flight researches.
    10. Representing Iraq at the world championships of the parachutist jump in Dubai after twenty years of absence.


    1. Arabs Eagle (Al Arabiya Channel)
    2. Arabs Hawk(Al Jazeera Channel)
    3. Iraq Hawk (Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki)
    4. Extraordinary man of Iraq (The Guardian)
    5. Iraq Gull (First Military College – Baghdad)
    6. Farid ,the Jinn (paratroopers Mosul)
    7. Abo Al- Iraq (Ministry of Defence)
    8. Arabs Yuri Garin Laurel (al-Jazeera and Al Arabiya Channels)


American Association of Diving Trainers – Member of the American Society of parachutist jumping – Member of the British Association for the coaches of first aid and initial response – Member of the UAE Red Crescent – Member of World Association of diving – Member of the International Society of Sailing Aviation – Member of the Emirates Diving – Member of Umm Al Quwain Air Sports – member of Al Jazeera (Ras Al Khaimah) Air Sports – Member of the honour of the Arab Union of Astronomy and Space Sciences – Member of the Jordanian Astronomical Society – Member of the honour of the Algerian Association of the orbit of Sirius.

The Arab Union of Astronomy and Space Sciences chooses the Iraqi astronaut Farid Abdul Zahra Lafta as the first Arab astronaut to represent the Arabs in researches flight into space, it takes six months seeking to implement and test the latest Arabs astronomical scientific and substantive researches, and the astronaut will begin , nicknamed ” Arabs Gargarin “, training on how to do astronomy researches, the fact that his experience is limited to leadership and aviation. ” Arabs Gargarin” considers the adventure that he will accept as a major milestone in his life and a new Arab imprint in the large space, where he will be the first Arab astronaut of his kind, who will lead a trip takes six months trying to activate the Arab researches in space, and the two ex- Arab leading trips, the Syrian “Mohammed Faris,” the Suadian Prince “Sultan bin Salman bin Abdulaziz,” were limited to one week.

Skills: free international hopped paratrooper – free international Diver – scuba coach diving, first aid and initial response coach – knight – earlier motorcycles rider – mountain bikes racer – Sailing World pilot, paratrooper engine pilot – light aircraft and below the light pilot – Private Pilot – future astronaut – a Moi Tai fighter. What is written about Captain Farid is little, his achievements are so many, so we will put one of the available links for those who missed the opportunity and did not read about him:

University news and activities

  • The Dean of College of Engineering thanks and appreciates the famous author Prof. Dr. David Patterson.
  • College of Engineering Explains for its Students the Extents of the Twinning Agreement with Australian University.
  • Scientific Symposium in the college of Dentistry about exposing teeth to external severity.
  • Scientific Session about the use of Water Laser in the college of Dentistry/Baghdad.
  • College of Engineering of Baghdad and the Chinese company Huawei held their first Workshop.
  • Minister of Higher Education honours one of the Faculty members of the Turkish Department at the college of Languages.