University President inspects the competitive examinations

With the launch of the competitive examinations for postgraduate studies in the faculties of University of Baghdad, president of the university, Professor Dr. Alaa Abdul Hussein made a tour for inspection in several faculties where check out the reality of the services given there for the examinees as well as the nature of the questions. The rector of the University confirmed to the university website team and channel office that the examinations are running smoothly without any obstacles or impediments and classrooms are suitable in terms of conditioning and other services. He added that our university made way for everyone without exception to pass these tests according to the central controls received from the ministry of higher education and scientific research and that the results will be announced later. Director of postgraduate studies at University of Baghdad, Dr. Ahmed Waheed Nasir stated in a speech to the university website that (401) courses would be opened for PhD, MA and Diploma this year and that (2301) school seats are assigned for the applicants while (9172) applied for postgraduate study at University of Baghdad and the number of those applied for the ministry in general reached approximately 37 thousand students. University website and channel office team accompanied the rector during this tour and documented it by videos and photographs.
University President inspects the competitive examinations

After some improvements and enhancements, University’s President inspects some University facilities

University’s endeavors in the way of development and improvement have no limits and are comprehensive for all its formations, to find that tall building forearms in promoting humanitarian and intellectual pleasure, thus president of University of Baghdad Prof. Dr. Alaa Abdul Hussein inaugurated new institutions, halls, scientific laboratories and service offices since our university represents 40% of the educational reality in Iraq. This event was attended by Prof. Riadh Khalil khammas, administrative assistant of university’s president, director of financial affairs division Mohammed Salman Al-Azzawi and director of media relations, assistant Prof. Dr. Adel Abdul Razak Mustaf. University president stated in a meeting with the team of university channel office that the new building inaugurated is well-designed and broader than it was previously for auditors and it includes (11) employees including (4) accreditors who receive official books and mails from various State institutions which would reflect a positive image of the university. Also the rector visited the new building established for preschool and kindergarten to be opened within two weeks, neighboring gardens, several stadiums and he visited the department of artistic and sports activities to keep abreast with the workflow, maintenance facilities during the summer vacation in order to be ready for the new academic year. The rector met many university staff listening to their proposals and observations. Prof. Dr. Riyad Khalil, administrative assistant of the rector started in a speech delivered to the university website team that ongoing development projects are ongoing in accordance with global scientific development approaches in the service of our university and that we have a tremendous amount of serious measures in this regard to achieve a dignified life for all Iraqi people who deserves all goodness. The team of website unit and TV channel office accompanied this visit and documented it with a number of photographs and video footage.

After some improvements and enhancements, University’s President inspects some University facilities

University Activities

Faculty of science holds a field course for its faculty on civil defense methods

Delegation of Indonesian embassy hosted by the faculty of law

Signing of a memorandum of understanding to establish the Iraqi- German institute of Assyrian archaeology

Assessing the efficiency of CPU and use of bacteria in dynamic removal of copper and lead

Solidarity standing in support of the military forces

President of University of Baghdad laid the foundation stone for the marketing complex in Jadiriyah

Our marshes are inscribed on UNESCO’s World Heritage List

Faculty of engineering participates in a workshop on wetland in collaboration with University of South Carolina, USA

Instructor at the faculty of engineering gets the best Iraqi research award for engineering and technological sciences

PhD thesis on genetic and immunological aspects in the faculty of education (Ibn al-Haytham)

Twinning between Al-Khwarizmi college of engineering and Amir kabir University of Technology

Minister of higher education and scientific research congratulates Baghdad University for gaining the first rank in (QS) University Rankings

President of University of Baghdad directed for acceleration of E-governance project

Publication of a paper from the faculty of engineering in global journal