Ibn Sina Center for E-Learning

Ibn Sina Center for E-Learning


Website: http://www.avic.uobaghdad.edu.iq

Establishment until 2014:

E-learning is a method of education based on modern communication mechanisms such as computer networks and multimedia to deliver as much information as possible at the lowest cost and fastest time. The project was first initiated by the European Union and UNESCO in 2002 and then it was applied in the period (2002-2006) in fourteen countries around the Mediterranean basin through founding fourteen e-Learning centers online and through building a virtual library, quality control system where one thousand members were trained, as well as enabling (140, 000) students to take advantage of online lessons including (1500) blind students. UNESCO’s executive board has endorsed this project in (2008-2013) as one of the most important projects and it recommended launching it in the African continent as an extension of that in the Mediterranean basin, so the universities of Baghdad, Basra and Saladin started their quest in this regard.


Ibn Sina Centre aims for e-Learning are to improve and develop the teaching process at universities using strategies supported with computers and technology information such as (blended learning and distance education).
Administrative axis
-Montage Division: dealing with the technical aspects such as montage and photography
-Software Division and Internet: it consists of:
-Networks unit
-Programming and development unit
-Division of educational evaluation: It deals with educational counseling, academic calendar, school courses according to an educational model supported by UNESCO that aims at repositioning the educational process until reaching optimization. The division also sets up training courses and workshops aimed at developing lessons and lectures. It consists of:-
-Assessment unit
-Training unit
-Continuing education unit
-Human resources unit
-Studies unit
-Quality assurance unit
-Information and informatics unit
-Maintenance unit
-Equipment unit
-Follow-up unit
Location: Baghdad University Campus – University of Baghdad – adjacent to Computer Center