Minister “Shahristani” sponsors our distinguished university scientists
Food revolution through an innovation by the scientist “Kubba”

Ministry of higher education and scientific research sponsors innovations, researches, distinguished scientific activities and all the innovations and breakthroughs made by our university, especially in achieving a genetic mutation in wheat that would form a food revolution, God willing, for Iraq and the world through the findings of scientist Dr. Ayad Kubba in his scientific researches to serve our society, according to the directives and recommendations of the minister, Dr. Hussein al-Shahristani that our efforts should be in the service of community as one of our priorities, so he sponsored the innovation of the scientist Ayad Kubba to develop wheat , so the minister ordered to provide all supplies to continue his researches. In order to expand the scientific activity and effort concerning the increase of wheat species called “inya 66”, where Dr. Hussein Al-Shahristani kept abreast of Ayad Jaber Kabbah’ scientific achievement that many world institutions interested in via his participation in a world conference in Turkey. Also the minister kept abreast of wheat species called “Uruk” after Dr. Iyad Kabbah conducted his experiments and harvested wheat at Baghdad university experimental field based on standard specifications, so the results showed an increase in the number and type of wheat grains and the spikes’ resistance to weather conditions and a reduce in the length of the shank by 25 cm. The minister received a copy of this patent and a copy of the approval certificate of the ministry of agriculture as well as certificates of appreciation from the ministers of higher education, agriculture, planning, president of the university of Baghdad for this scientific achievement and an enclosed copy of the article published in the British journal “QS” concerning the wheat species named “Uruk”. His Excellency expressed his pleasure and gratitude for this Iraqi scientific achievement and offered to provide all the requirements needed by agricultural operations for the coming seasons. The university website team and t.v channel office at the university of Baghdad accompanied this visit and documented it with a series of photos and film scenes. 

Minister "Shahristani" sponsors our distinguished university scientists

Strategy for media flow
Our university shines in Golden Key and Swinburne

The results that were achieved by the university of Baghdad in global forums and prestigious universities had the essential role in renew our university and addressing many media flows that are among the basic priorities we adhere and that make media capabilities be in line with the size and the level attained by the university that is expanding day by day, especially in the increasing volume of number of students and its members to reach at advanced ranks in the level of tests and the results attained by students in many competitions such as that gained in the a competition at the Australian “Swinburne” university of technology where the first group of our students consisted of (14) students who attained the rank 100%, while the second group consisted of (14) students who participated in the competition of “Golden key” and (13) students of which attained the rank 99%. Dr. Alaa Abdul Hussein, president of the university of Baghdad during his visit to the Australian university discussed the “twinning platform” of our university with international universities including Swinburne university. During his meeting with the members of the committee on information there, he talked about the important strides that our university has passed through successfully, especially in media, global rankings, tests, patents, published scientific researches in prestigious journals of impact factor, affirming that global institutions are interested in our activities, and this motivates us to look for mechanisms and measures to improve our strategies in this field to make use of the advanced digital technology. A meeting was held with the university president attended by prof. Dr. Riyad Khalil, the administrative assistant of the university president, Dr. Abdul Bassit Salman, director of the university channel, Dr. Adel al-Ghurery, director of relations & media and the teacher engineer Basim Hamid Grimd, director of university website to share views on updating and expanding this modern media approach where the university president stressed that the academic world looks at the Iraqi educational institution through the perspective of excellence and progress, so that Swinburne university has informed us that it hopes to benefit from the talents and the abilities of our students. As a result the university has sent a group of students from the Faculty of engineering to study at Swinburne university with the approval of the ministry of higher education and scientific research on the “twinning proposal”. The website and the university channel office teams documented this meeting held in the office of the rector with series of photos and film scenes.

Strategy for media flow

In response to the call of Al-Marjaaiya (High religious Authority)
Professors and students are training to fight – Report with photos

With the call of the religious authority, the great Ayatollah Ali Al-Sistani, God protects him, immediately His Excellency Dr. Hussein al-Shahristani makes a call to all faculty members and students to meet the call by engaging to the centers of training of combat, to defend Iraq and for solidarity with the popular crowd and the Iraqi army forces. With this call, a number of student groups and teaching staff have engaged in training centers, and with the hot climate and atmosphere of Ramadan, many educational institutions including the university of Baghdad have ran to participate in the training centers to meet the blessed call as described by the minister of higher education and scientific research. The website has followed the training of some of the teaching staff and students and has documented it with a set of photographs.

In response to the call of Al-Marjaaiya (High religious Authority) Professors and students are training to fight - Report with photos

A Great Celebration at Baghdad University to choose the Best Speicher Martyrs Monument

Under the slogan “Speicher Martyrs … an issue of a homeland” and sponsored directly by the Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research, Dr. Hussein Al-Shahristani, University of Baghdad has set up a great celebration to select the three winning monuments to commemorate the martyrs of the speicher massacre ,with the participation of many Iraqi universities and educational institutions of the Ministry of Higher Education in order to commemorate the martyrs of this crime in Iraq and the Iraqis memory .With the launch of the activities of this celebration where the General Secretary of the Council of Ministers Dr. Hamid Khalaf and a number of Parliament members and representatives of ministries and government institutions have attended ,the administrative acting of the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research, Prof. Dr. Qasim Muhammad Dos has delivered a speech recalling the events of the speicher crime committed by cliques of obscurantism to undermine the unity of Iraq, pointing to the importance of the visit of Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research, Dr. Hussein Al-Shahristani, to Tikrit and inspecting the crime location and his order to establish a monument that embodies the heinous crime. Accordingly ,the Iraqi universities have quickened to set up multiple models for this monument in order to signal that higher education with its various humanitarian and scientific formations. On his part, the Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research, Dr. Hussein Al-Shahristani has delivered his speech where he welcomed the attendees, congratulating the Iraqis and the staff of education of Ramadan, wishing them a firm progress , full wellness and a good ending. He stresses the importance of commemorating the Speicher massacre , which is unparalleled in Iraq and the world , pointing out that Almighty God has forbidden the bloodshed in this way according to the words of Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH): ” to demolish Al- Kaaba is lesser than the shedding of the blood of Muslims, “… and in this regard, al-Shahristani said:” The ministry has been devolved to participate Iraqi people all the achievements and field victories, and even crimes against humanity as Speicher crime by placing a monument at the crime location and in Baghdad. The Minister has stressed that the establishment of such a monument would be a lesson and a reminder to the world and a call to the unity of Iraqis in various sects and nationalities. Dr. Al-Shahristani has called Baghdad Municipality and the Ministry of Culture to be involved in this aspect through the identification of allocated places to this monument places, praising the academic role in supporting the Iraqi army fighters and popular crowd, calling on all university students to exploit the Summer vacation to join the training centers developed by the body of the popular crowd to defend the land of Iraq to implement the call of the blessed Marjiya. Dr. Hussein Al- Shahristani has thanked all the participants of the monument that won and those that did not win, it is sufficient that it participated to recall our innocent martyrs in Speicher and the declaration of their love to Iraq and his land, calling Almighty God to preserve our security forces and the popular crowd and the sons of the tribes.

A Great Celebration at Baghdad University to choose the Best Speicher Martyrs Monument

University activities:

Campaign to support and donate for the heroes of the Iraqi army and the popular crowd

Department of student affairs and ratifications at Baghdad university holds a workshop on electronic application for evening study 2015/2016