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Water conservation policy

Potable water plant:

  The station consists of ground reservoir for sedimentation and with capacity of (500,000 cubic liters ) and then transfer water to the high reservoir which stores (40,000 cubic liters) and then transfer the water to the main network by 5 pumps of capacity ranging from 6 * 5 to 8 * 6 to feed Baghdad University ,Al-Nahrain University and the Ministry of Science and Technology with potable water and there is a mechanism to extinguish the pumps in case of sufficiency of water to avoid wastage.

Raw water suction plant:

  The plant consists of three pumps that draw out water from Tigris River to the sedimentation basins which are three and its function is to purify water from sediment and impurities and four pumps for lifting the capacity of each one of them 75 horse that transfer water into a network of irrigation canals and the purpose of which are to quench all parks and green spaces within the university campus . There are timers that determine hours of switching on and switching off the plant.