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Policy Waste Recycling

  There is a mechanism of cooperation between our university and the Municipality of Baghdad and the Ministry of Municipalities in the process of separation and recycling of waste paper, plastic, wood and Glass for use in re-manufactured and transported from Place of consumption to the sanitary landfilling site.

  There are five garbage truck / and 12 mini truck vehicles working around the clock from eight in the morning until ten pm to transport the waste To the landfill sites and two cars pelvic The washing of streets on campus and Parks working from four o'clock in the afternoon until ten pm.

  A series of operations that convert waste paper into new materials usable again. It needs to rubber, plastic and paper paid to the idea of ​​recycling until the economy and good for the exploitation of these materials, to preserve the environment There is a mechanism of cooperation between the university and the Ministry of Industry and Minerals in The process of re-use Iron extinct and take advantage of it.