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Spray irrigation
Spray irrigation is considered as one of the latest methods that is currently used early this century and its deployment increased after the second world war, with the provision of water and efficiency sprinklers, pumps, light pipes made of aluminium, so this method has become commonplace for many different crops planted in all types of land and diverse topography, by irrigation by spraying that resembles to some extent the irrigation by rainfall and pumping water through pipes without significant experience for those concerned in this machinery. This kind of irrigation does not depend at a great deal on the characteristics or topography of the soil. It is a modern method used to irrigate desert areas with sandy soil that cannot hold water for long, since the application of the system of flood irrigation resulting in wastage of irrigation water, and it is also suitable to irrigate the lands irrigated by Artesian wells by the use of suitable pipes for pushing water made of iron or plastic (P.V.C) whose diameters decrease progressively when being away from water sources. These pipes are divided into main and ancillary lines.

Advantages of spray irrigation system:
1. Minimizing loss of water to the least possible extent.
2. Using a source of water with small continuous discharge of high efficiency.
3. Using fertilizer and pesticides by spraying after mixing them with water.
4. Adding small amounts of water frequently and efficiently.
5. Irrigating uneven ground of a difficult topography.
6. Ease of use of agricultural machinery with high efficiency to save manpower.
7. Minimizing the use of manpower to the least possible extent and also using well-trained labour in fixed spray irrigation system.
8. Using this method for medium and high permeability when dropout rates increase and it is difficult to control distribution of water resulting in the loss of it.
9. The possibility of controlling the distribution of irrigation water in a homogenous way without being influenced by topography of soil or the amount of water added.
10. There is no loss of nutrients of the soil as a result of leakage associated with deep surface irrigation methods, or as a result of runoff.
11. Irrigation works as a demulcent of high temperature since  it protects the plants whose flowers or fruit fall as a result of high temperature as in the case of citrus and grapes.
12. Under cold conditions where plants are affected by frost, the spray irrigation method reduces the severity of this effect.

Disadvantages of spray irrigation system:
1. High cost of the establishment of a network.
2. This method requires special experienced labour in installing and maintenance.
3. Decrease of water distribution uniformity compared to flood irrigation system especially in the case of heightened wind speed.

Cases where it is impossible to use spray irrigation system:

1. Presence of strong wind of a speed greater than 15-20 km/h that hinders regular distribution of water on earth.
2. Presence of dry winds with concentrated solar radiation that increases water evaporation.
3. Irrigation water of high salinity causes burns for the leaves.
4. Fruits and leaves are affected by spraying water.




This system was circulated in the rest of the university parks, with the exception of some areas where work in progress now, as shown in the pictures below:


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