Laser medical research clinics at the university of Baghdad

In consistence with the motto of “the university in service of community” and since the universities are a life factory for making progress in the community, the university of Baghdad aims at providing better services to the scientific march and the community to be in the ranks of the developed nations to keep pace with scientific developments, the University has made significant achievement through the use of the most advanced devices to treat citizens instead of depleting funds in therapy through the opening of laser medical research clinics in the institute of laser for postgraduate studies at the university of Baghdad to treat various medical conditions. The medical clinics at the institute of laser are considered among the advanced and modern clinics in the treatment of pathological conditions and the use of laser medical devices. These clinics were inaugurated by the minister of higher education and scientific research, professor Ali al-Adeeb, on 25/4/2011 to conduct medical research by using laser devices and training specialized medical staff via higher diploma in laser medicine in order to provide the community with Iraqi medical laser services, so the work have been expanded to include medical assistance to patients in November of 2012 in this pursuit. The clinics were provided by medical laser devices and the work started with treating various medical conditions within the consulting office in October 2012 to providing laser and therapeutic services. The university allocated funds at about 10584000 annually to purchase medical and research supplies for their supplies for these clinics that will be distributed according to the needs of the clinics and the clinics are as follows:

-Dental clinic

The use of laser in dentistry, research and therapy. This dental clinic includes (2) laser devices as well as a number of supporting devices concerned.

-Eye clinic

The use of laser in ophthalmology and research. The clinic includes (5) ophthalmology devices: Laser Excimer that is used to correct eyesight, (2) laser Nd: YAG devices, Laser Diode and Laser KTP used in ophthalmology particularly when complications happen for patients of diabetes in addition to the fact that researches in higher diploma of students in laser ophthalmology were conducted by the use of these devices and it is hoped that real patients will be treated by these devices when there is an ophthalmologist specialized in laser.

-Photodynamic therapy clinic

The use of laser in research and therapy in the treatment of joints pains and dermatology. The clinic includes (3) laser devices with different wavelengths.

-HO: YAG clinic

For conducting pathological analyses, there are (2) specialized devices available and an optical microscope connected to an a computer with a blood analysis device and bio-chemistry analyses as well as the number of supporting devices for the fulfillment of the research requirements for master students.

-Nd: YAG clinic 

The use of laser in research and therapy in the treatment of dermatological and cosmetic diseases as in the case of tattoo removal, skin pigmentation and treatment of vascular (nevus).

-CO2 clinic

The use of laser in research and therapy in the treatment of cases such as removing acne scars, varicose veins,treatment of wrinkles, burns and removing skin tumors.

– Medical laser Diode clinic

The use of laser in research and therapy for the removal of unwanted hair especially in women and as the first stage in the grease removal as well as surgical cutting, especially ears, nose and throat diseases, varicose veins and spider veins. The clinic includes (2) devices with different wavelength depending on usage.