Transport Policy

  30 dedicated bus to transport students and staff at the university to places inside the campus bus stops

  20 buses for the transfer of university staff from their home areas to the campus and also “the mechanisms in the Department of mini-buses (Koster) is also working to provide transmission lines, students and staff.

  There is also a private car to transport delegates

  There Ford Explorer and number (4) used to transfer Mr. President of the University and assistants 30 cars to transport managers Departments

  Vehicles to transport different materials. . And there we have the type of car service pickup and these exist on campus which operates within the workshop to transfer repair tools ,For example, the transfer of large machines and transfer of wood and iron, and the other part is used for the purposes of the transfer of staff services

  • Vehicle belonging to the College of Agriculture of our university for the distribution of dairy products
  • Fire Fighting Vehicle

  There is also at university mechanisms for agricultural and used for cutting trees and lawn and other agricultural work is the green area of ​​land (18 dunums) and the number Agricultural machinery (12 mechanism) is distributed as needed to complete its work and include a tractor and machines cutting lawn trees and cutting machines Motorcycles tipper 

  Also available in the university fuel station to supply cars University

  There are auto repair shop and contain spare materials