Newsletter, April 2014

His Excellency minister of higher education prompts accrediting health standards in the society

The minister of higher education and scientific research, Mr. Ali Mohammed Hussein Al-Adeeb prompts to correct the rules of mental health and enhance the standards and scientific bases for the values ​​of the society, stressing the importance of supporting educational centers that are specialized in the study of mental health and the cases where the society may be exposed to in various sectors. The minister stated  while attending the 18th international conference of the psychological health, entitled ” psychological health in Iraqi universities,”  which is held by the center of educational studies and psychological researches at the university of Baghdad, that the ministry of higher education and through its educational institutions worked on the development of norms and standards of health in the society, as well as seeking to provide appropriate scientific elements of the environment that contribute to the development of the university student’s personality and protect him psychologically from the negative impact of the factors. Al-Adeeb added that what the Iraqi reality has in all its psychological, social and political forms represents a challenge to the Iraqi character, especially university student, explaining that the responsibility of the educational institutions are to correct paths of weakness in the field of psychological health in order to create healthy, educated and knowledgeable generation. The president of Baghdad university prof. Dr. Alaa’ Abdul Hussein attended the conference, which witnessed the participation of representatives from the world health organization and the ministry of health, as well as professors and researchers from various Iraqi universities, including delivered lectures and discussing (44) scientific papers dealt with the most important problems facing individuals and communities like disease and psychological trauma and ways to address them personally and to take advantage of the findings of these researches. On the other hand, the minister paid a visit to the Scouts camp of the students of the college of physical education at the university of Baghdad, on the sidelines of the conference which college of physical education embraced. His Excellency was acquainted  with the Scout camp, which included scout and sport activities, Iraqi flag hoisting ceremony, sport games, puzzles and contests to draw the poster and landscape, as well as galleries for each group ( Rahat ) to be evaluated and graded, and His Excellency listened to the camp teachers and their students about the activities, the results and the scientific and sport objectives, and ways to improve it in the future. The minister of higher education and scientific research was accompanied in his tour by Baghdad university president prof. Dr. Alaa’ Abdul Hussein, dean of the college of Physical education prof. Dr. Riadh Khalil Khammas and  heads of sections and teachers of the subject. The  camp scout has many educational objectives, including building of physical and sanitary skills and capacities, relating physical changes in the stage and its requirements, the development of sport relationships, interaction and leadership skills and teamwork, to provide and encourage individual hobbies and skills including the sense of individual accomplishment, thinking the right way to solve problems, discover the skills, provide opportunities to acquire the necessary skills to community service the development of ethical conduct, acquiring  ethical and social values and preserve the spirit of the Scout, and provide distinct activities that challenge the capacity and meet the needs of members and their energies. The scouts program has been designed on the basis of the person and the small group, the environmental activities as well as the importance of good citizenship, community service, leadership and exploration.

Academic demonstration in memory of the martyrdom of the most honourable daughter of God’s Messenger, Mohammed (PBUH&HP) Fatima Al-Zahra’ (PBUH)

In memory of the martyrdom of the most honorable daughter of God’s Messenger, Mohammed (PBUH&HP) Fatima Al-Zahra’ (PBUH), university of Baghdad has commemorated this agonizing occasion and remembrance and has held a great academic demonstration. College of physical education for women has held a service in remembrance of this sad occasion. The dean of this college, professor Muna Talib al-Badri, has attended this occasion together with the female students of the college of physical education and she has delivered a speech on this occasion where she has stressed the importance and greatness of this agonizing occasion and its role in building society and depicting the true and straight forward path for building mankind where the honorable daughter of God’s Messenger (PBUH &HP) has played a vital role in building the Islamic society and her sacrifices in building the spiritual and intellectual aspects. On this occasion, many female students have participated in reciting poems and elegies. In addition, there are so many activities that have been given such as poems, elegiac poetry, tragedy, etc. The dean of the college has mentioned the main excellent good traits and commendable acts of the holy honorable daughter of God’s Messenger (PBUH) Fatima Al-Zahra’ (PBUH). The dean has said that Al-Zahra is the greatest woman in the world ever existed and a pearl of the Hashimate Houshold, the symbol of Mohammedian progeny, the lady of Alawi’s glory. She is the miracle sign. The dean has also said that Fatima Al-Zahra has played a great role in Islamic society, being an Islamic school and symbol of sacrifice and heroism. She has embodied the Mohammedian Islam in thought and spirit. Dr.Suad Al-Sabti, head of educational guidance in the college, has delivered a speech in this occasion stressing the main role of Al-Zahra in changing the society and reforming it. Dr.Ishraq Ghalib, head of information section in the college has recited elegiac poem on this occasion. Dr. Imad Al-Najiri has also recited an elegy which stirred up the hearts of all audience. After that the Arab tent has been inaugurated which has been used by the female student of the scout unit under the supervision of Dr. Na’ema Al-Tamimi. This tent represented the originality of Arab society. This tent has been made of very simple materials.

An Italian mathematician visits our university

Our university hosts experts, scientists and philosophers from various universities in the world accredited universities ,  and this time  our university has hosted prof. Dr. Papa Lardy science professor at the university of Rome, Italy in the of college of science for women who gave many modern scientific lectures about the setting up theories and educational  system in Italian universities. He has also made a tour in the facilities of our universities and met a group of students and researchers. He has expressed his great happiness to come to Iraq to provide his scientific lectures, indicating his desire to develop and improve the scientific and academic cooperation with our university. Furthermore, he has expressed his admiration of the magnificence and beauty of our ancient university and its scientific level which he has described as advanced scientific that is equivalent to the world’s most prestigious universities. On the other hand, students in the college of science for women have expressed their great happiness of what  Professor Pope Lardy submitted of information and developed scientific data. Prof. Dr. Alaa’ AbdulHussein, president of the university of Baghdad ,has expressed to our website that our university began and at its full capacity and energy to regain its international status among  universities. Among the most important directions of our university is to catch up with the world across the sound intellectual scientific  environment in that we provide to our researchers and students all the ways to get information and scientific data meticulously of the scientific resources. In this sense, our university has sent many professors to deliver lectures in major scientific universities, and in return it will receive many of the experiences and the science where it will host scientists and experts from other universities. Professor ” Francisco papa Lardy ” has delivered lectures at the hall of computers which included several scientific points  as well as themes dealt with aspects of the study in Italy like the system and approach and how to apply to the Italian universities, particularly the University where he teaches .He also provided some of the signed contracts between the third university of Rome and some Iraqi institutions, for example, the university of Dhi Qar and the ministry of planning and the ministry of transport. The professor also submitted degree programs of master and doctorate at his university. Our website team accompanied the visit of Italian professor and documented his visit with some of the photos, and also held a TV interview where we will  soon broadcast it on our multimedia programs which are attached to  our website.

New laboratory with the latest international technology

Prof. Dr. Alaa’ Abdulhussein, president of Baghdad university, inaugurated the  electronic anatomy lab using a projector “Sectra” which represents a breakthrough in the evolution of medical science and anatomy due to its huge developmental capabilities of processors and accurate diagnosis, which is considered  the first scientific laboratory in the Arab world or the Middle East within these scientific specifications which would be a new turning point  in the studies of medical science, and this laboratory is considered a teaching laboratory of  anatomy by using interactive teaching of small studying groups that is rare  including  the possibilities and capabilities of interactive learning. Prof. Dr. Nada Al-Alwan, director of the leading national center of cancer research, dean of the college of medicine, the heads of branches and the faculty members of the college of medicine with  groups of students where a brief presentation of the device and its accessories and how the attached devices work  displaying anatomy of the body in stereoscopic and interactively between  the faculty member and students through the use of displaying interactive monitors, and the device is also used  to teach  postgraduate and surgery students, as well as the teaching of anatomy for  the undergraduate  studies. The device is considered an  important equivalent for other teaching devices of natural bodies and plastic models, these devices can be compensated to the possibility of collecting the autopsy and radiographs of three-dimensional and through attached cameras to the device where there is the ability to zoom in and direct notation while teaching. The college of medicine at the university of Baghdad is considered  the first college that has used this technique in Iraq and the Middle East  according to the  statement of the  Swedish manufacturer company of the device.

University activities:

-Al-Khwarizmi college of engineering holds a workshop on MOOC system

-An introductory lecture on the latest techniques of optical fillings entitled “sonic fill”

-Research mission

-A symposium on quality assurance at the college of dentistry

-Workshop on environmental pollution

-Lecture on healthy nutrition and nutritional status in Iraq 2014

-Al-Khwarizmi college of engineering participates in the annual festival of music and folk poetry

-College of Ibn al-Haytham hosts the 8th meeting of the committee of deans of the faculties of education

-College of arts inaugurates a museum documenting its scientific, cultural and historical legacy

-Institute of laser wins the scientific creativity award

-The college of engineering opens the prospects of scientific engineering cooperation with Iranian universities

-The university of Baghdad records a significant presence in the international conference on comparative literature, USA

-The college of engineering organizes an exhibition of energy projects

-The college of political sciences hosts the director of the Middle East and North Africa department in the Dutch foreign ministry

-Ibn al-Haytham college discusses the latest technological developments of the renewable energy

-College of administration and economics holds a course entitled ” studies of the economic feasibility “

-Institute of Laser receives a number of instructors and students of the university of technology

-The college of arts celebrates the centenary of the Iraqi sociologist Ali al-Wardi

-The college of education – Ibn Rushd and the threshold of the holy Kazimiyah hold a scientific conference discussing the sustainable environment

-The college of engineering holds a symposium on artificial neural networks and their environmental applications

-Selection of an instructor from the university of Baghdad in membership of 160 international scientific journals

-The university of Baghdad presents a study on chromosomal deformations and gene mutations (FLT3) in cerebrospinal leukemia

-University of Baghdad participates in the international exhibition for production of equipment and laboratories in Dubai

-University of Baghdad hosts a U.S. researcher in the field of agricultural counseling

-College of arts honors one of its experienced professors and holds an exhibition simulating southern Iraq

-Selection of an instructor from the university of Baghdad as member of the council of experts in World Academy

-University of Baghdad hosts the Arab house library for science at the college of science for women

-The university of Baghdad addresses the problem of water scarcity in the agricultural lands

-The central library at the university of Baghdad held two courses on free access to information and Arabic indexing

-The national center for cancer researches at the university of Baghdad holds a symposium for women working in the ministry of planning