Our University Sport Festival is the Biggest Sponsored by Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research Prof. Al-Adeeb

Mr. Ali Al-Adeeb, Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research sponsored a sport festival, with the presence of Prof. Dr. Mohammad Qasim Dos, Acting Minister representing the Minister of Higher Education,  the courts of our university embraced the championship of Iraqi universities of sports ” for the academic year 2013-2014. Prof. Dr. Hussein Yousef administrative assistant for the University and Dr. Abdul sattar Ghanem, director of the supervision and evaluation in the ministry, a representative of the Iraqi Olympic Committee and university  sport and some officials in the  Iraqi sport federations with  some famous sport personalities in the field  of mass sports like Capt. Ali Kadhem Iraqi  football star and the Iraqi league’s former top scorer  and of the  Arab Gulf Championships of  Football, all attended the festival.  A large number of students from the colleges of Physical Education in the all Iraq’s universities attended the festival as well as many of the satellite channels and the media. The festival set on  with a contribution and participation of all the sport teams of Iraqi universities and the participation of the Department of university sport – a supervision and scientific evaluation and  in collaboration with the Iraqi Federation of Sport University, which included a number of sporting events, many and varied Olympic activities, including the activities of judo, gymnastics, handball, volleyball, football, ping-pong, scouting events, breaking sticks, track and field events and many other events. Dr. Qasim dos  Undersecretary of the Ministry  and Dr. Abdul sattar Ghanem, director of the supervision and evaluation in the ministry distributed souvenirs and gifts to some of the professors,the creators, Olympic champions and the big sport figures. The festival  included many displays  where the participants displayed  their physical abilities and tactical skills in sport events and  activities as well as the festival offers Scout activities and race of  scouting half tents of Scouts, with  the presence of university Scout leaders, also most  university championships were opened, and a football match between a team of Baghdad University and a team of Mustansiriya University was starting. A team of our website accompanied  the festival and documented the festival with a set of photographs.

University of Baghdad in Solidarity with the Iraqi brave army – a report with pictures

The university has set up its honorable stance of solidarity with the Iraqi brave army , which put the greatest heroic epics since its foundation till now. Our brave army confirms to the world day after day that it is a symbol of humanity and peace, where the students and professors stand in the courtyard of the university to great the Iraqi Army, which has become the only hope protecting the society from large threats faced by our society now and then. A demonstration of solidarity for our Iraqi Army was held.  President of the university Prof. Dr. Alaa’ Abdul Hussain Abdul Rasool assistant administrative, Dr. Hussein Yousef and heads of departments at the university with a lot of professors  and students participated in the celebration, chanting  and  praising the courage of the Iraqi army and its  big championships , the media and satellite channels have  covered  important aspects of this celebration. Prof. Dr. Alaa’ Abdulhussein Abdul Rasul, university president, delivered  a speech on this occasion where he explained that  the Iraqi army is a great symbol in the  homeland  and it represents all sectors of  Iraq, the army stances are  great in protecting the society  from attacks and the harm that the society  and the nation encounter, has been the strong fence of  many attacks,  we celebrate to confirm our support and solidarity with our strong army, calling Almighty God to keep  our  army  safe .Prof. Dr. Hussein Yousef  explained to  our website while he  is participating professors and students the University celebrations and solidarity with the army that it is the fundamental basis of the prestige of the country. Our army represented a  wonderful and flourished image of our society to fight  the  injustice and tyranny, it  had many great heroic stances in response to the attacks and repeated aggressions against our beloved country. Instructor Engineer Abdul Kareem Mounir, Director of Office of President of the University , contributed in the celebration  and explained for our website that the celebrations of the university came as an implicit expression of  the aspirations of the society. The fact that the university is in the service of society a slogan which was raised in support of the society and its development, what  the University has done  today but  a humanitarian demonstration in support of peace and humanitarian forward by standing in support of our army, which  formed immortal heroic epics in defense of the Iraqi human dignity  and even  the Arab because of its effective and significant contributions in the defense of Arab lands, as the history of our army  is full of t heroic honorable tracks  and there are a lot of important events in the history of Iraq,the Army had an active and decisive role, so we stand today and every day with our brave army to defend the  homeland .The website team followed –up  the celebration  and documented with a set of photographs.

University of Baghdad Participates in the Eighth International Al-Resala Festival in the Holy Karbala city

Baghdad University participated in the activities of Al-Resala  Spring Eighth international cultural Festival  sponsored by al-Husseinia  and  Abbasid plenary secretariats   and under the slogan “The Great Prophet” PBUH “is dedicated mercy   and a means  to survive .”The participation of the university  is  represented by its president Prof. Dr. Alaa’ Abdul hussein, Director of the Department of media  and Public Relations, Dr. Kadhem Al-Omran with the presence of a large number of religious  , intellectual and cultural Iraqi and non-Iraqi figures. The General Secretary of the Abbasid shrine  Mr. Ahmed Al-Safi delivered an opening speech in which he stressed the “need to know the personality of the messenger  through the Glorious Qura’n, to be such a holistic and comprehensive knowledge and fortified of  speeches that are trying to undermine his  personality .” On the other hand , the Director of the Department of media and Public Relations at the University of Baghdad, Dr. Kadhem AL-Omran , “What distinguishes this year’s festival is the distinctive presence of Academic figures  of Iraqi universities, as well as invitations to academic figures  from outside Iraq as the number of academics participating in the festival exceeded  one hundred and twenty professors.The festival included a number of events, including an expanded scientific session, reading  poems and the opening of an exhibition of photographic pictures.

University of Baghdad Starts activities of the fourth university Media Week in the third of February

Under the patronage of Excellency Dr. Ali al-Adeeb, Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research, and the supervision of Prof. Dr. Alaa’ Abdulhussein Abdul rasul, president of the University of Baghdad, the university starts events “the  University media week” with its fourth season  from 2 up to 6 February 2014.
It  includes scientific and academic, media, cultural, artistic and a variety of social practices, with the presence of a group of educational,  media, political, cultural, intellectual and public social institutions. It will also witness the announcement of the award of the University of Baghdad for media which has published most of the science and knowledge in collaboration with them.

Celebrating the achievement

Activities of the fourth week / 2014 include university, research, media, cultural, artistic and a variety of social practices as well as activities related to the development of the spirit of dialogue and opinion, and contrast opinion between the presidency of the university and its affiliates, in line with the approach based on administrative  democracy  and according to several  points. Dr. Omran Musa Kadhim, Director of media and Public Relations, with Dr. Safed Hossam Al-sammok, the official media training and electronic development  shall follow up the scientific aspects of the week.

Big product

It is hoped that the opening ceremony of  the university media week with its  fourth season  in the second of February  witnesses  great  ceremony in the hall of the martyr al-Hakim at the university with  the presence of senior government figures, parliamentary , academic and  media figures and  honours the participated researchers in the scientific session which will be held within the proceedings of the opening Central ceremony , under the point : media and the spreading of science and knowledge in the society  in collaboration with the University of Baghdad, as well as  musical and theatrical performances and poetic  and artistic portraits, galleries of drawing and caricature.
The university celebrates  members of its board  from deans of colleges and institutes of postgraduate studies , for their ongoing efforts along the current  academic  year, to improve the  scientific and university performance  within the ” white rose ” activities  which include the presenting of  white roses for the  honored on the platform of honor and handed over  creativity souvenirs. Within the approach of  the Department of media and Public Relations in the presidency of the University of Baghdad , achieving  the slogan of  Mother University ” the university in the service of society, ” the  second day witnesses the  organization of  a symposium  in marketing the product of the university to the society  in the hall of Mehdi Hantoush in the college  of Engineering , with research centers at the University of Baghdad and  with all of its disciplines  .The ways of activating the internal performance of the university media also discussed, through the organization of the effectiveness of  measuring  the performance of this  media on the third day, in the hall of continuing Education , college of Science. In accordance with the principle of activating the areas of freedom of opinion and accept the opinions of others at the university, a symposium on ”  assessing administrative  performance at the University of Baghdad,” on the fourth day is held among employees of the presidency of the university  and the presidency of the university in the central hall of the college  of Engineering al-Khwarizmi, to address the problems facing  the ways of activating the administrative performance of the university and discusses them  in front of the presidency of the university with transparency  and to provide successful solutions to overcome them. The fourth media university is going to be ended with a symposium  between the presidency of the  university and directors of administrative departments in the hall of the University Council  to discuss ways of  providing concerned  processors of  developing  the university performance  and approving  the recommendations of the week.

University activities:

-Selecting an instructor from the college of engineering as a scientific appraiser of an international journal specialized in surveying engineering

-The college of physical education for women participates in the program of football visitors held at USA

-The college of education – Ibn Rushd at the university of Baghdad calls researchers to participate in a symposium on dialogue and peaceful coexistence

-The college of education for women at the university of Baghdad calls the researchers to participate in the second international scientific conference

-The college of dentistry equips the laboratory of dental anatomy with new anatomical models

-An instructor from the university of Baghdad gains membership in the editorial boards of two journals published outside Iraq

-An instructor from the university of Baghdad enters Microsoft encyclopedia for scientific research

-Al-kindy college of medicine at the university of Baghdad equips its classrooms with modern technologies for e-learning

-The minister of higher education directs providing requirements for the development of the natural history museum

-Selecting an instructor from the college of law at the university of Baghdad for membership at the international accreditation organization

-The conference of Iraqi medical competencies

-The minister of higher education is acquainted with the steps for rehabilitation of women dormitory at the university of Baghdad

-Two students from the university of Baghdad participate in a conference at Oklahoma, USA

-The faculty of sciences for women discusses ways to preserve the Iraqi environment from the industrial waste

-The faculty of languages ​​at the university of Baghdad is witnessing extensive preparations for the 8th scientific conference

-A lecture at the university of Baghdad about rationalization in electric power consumption

-The minister of higher education announces a plan for housing the university professors and members in all Iraqi provinces

-Director of media of higher education praises the role of the university of Baghdad which created a competition among Iraqi universities

-General secretariat of the central library at the university of Baghdad holds a course on electronic supply in digital libraries

-The university of Baghdad participates in the first forum for communicators of the Iraq universities and institutes held at Najaf

-Workshop at the college of arts calls researchers to participate in the virtual library and the official mail

-An instructor from the university of Baghdad wins the award of creativity at Cairo festival for radio and television

-A student from the university of Baghdad gains M.A degree under the supervision of the president of the university of Dhi Qar

-An instructor at the university of Baghdad gains the U.S. national science award

-The drugs pest is a danger that threatens society …. addressing it is everyone’s responsibility

-The faculty of nursing at the university of Baghdad presents a study on the effects of spontaneous abortion on the psychological aspect for the quality of women’s lives

-A theatrical performance of the college of arts restores universality to the Iraqi theater

-Al-Kindy college of medicine at the university of Baghdad organizes a conference on erythemal wolf disease

-A research by Ph.D student from the university of Baghdad gains appreciation of an international conference in Philadelphia

-The college of veterinary medicine at the university of Baghdad discusses the reality of fisheries

-The college of veterinary medicine at the university of Baghdad participates in the conference of the ministry of agriculture

-Transferring the experience of the educational institutions at the university of California in a symposium held by the faculty of arts

-The international scientific conference of physics and engineering

-The program of “echo of the university of Baghdad” hosts the director of the website of the university