Our university is the First among other Iraqi Universities and exceeds Universities of Ohio and San Francisco

It is  not usual that  our university becomes the first among other Iraqi universities as long as it exceeds repeatedly more international universities like some American ,European or Canadian universities. With what the university has achieved of scientific achievements with its local or Middle East counterpart universities the results of its achievements and statistics are many and the codification of the results, achievements or its display on the mass media needs a long pause, follow-up and effort that the university saved for scientific aspects more than those of media. President of the University of Baghdad, Alaa Abdul-Hussein ,within the scientific renewed and developed contexts formed a specialized committee to follow up the rankings and instructed within unique new contexts like  the adoption of further measures and developed mechanisms globally that our university is the first to work with  The President of the university  held a lot of expanded meetings with several senior scientists and experts , engineers and specialists in the assessment and activities of digitalis and computing Works , as well as the university planned a study and an innovative mechanism to get  more unique scientific victories that befit the status of the University of Baghdad and its long history among the rest of Iraqi or Arab universities, or some created or newborn  universities that our university provides more experience to develop and improve their positions in the international rankings , where the University of Baghdad, has contributed to and provided most of its services to many of the websites of the ministries and institutions, both formal and informal in Iraq, to enter international categories .Our university still shows preparations in the service of all educational institutions , governmental and non -governmental organizations to develop performance  at websites, and also confirms its full readiness to provide the bulk capabilities , expertise ,energies and efforts of scientific or applied in the service of the Iraqi society , which represents its high and noble aim at all scientific  stages ,which the university president focused on  in many of the meetings with the staff of computerized effort  instructing that  our university powers should  meet the needs of the Iraqi labor market which is waiting for a lot of  achievements capable of productive change for the better or improvement and development , so that the university will be always and forever  in the service of the Iraqi society. Our university received a lot of congratulatory messages that blessed our scientific efforts. The Iraqi government within the successes of our university last year, has expressed repeatedly its great interest of the University of Baghdad , and followed-up such international rankings . Many congratulations and appreciation letters came to our university , the most important of them is from the Presidency of the Republic , which provided presidency shield for our university, the presidency also received a large delegation of our university to express interest of  the university where  Dr. Khodair al Vice President received  the President of our university and his delegation . We received as well as congratulations from Mr. Nuri al-Maliki, the Prime Minister, who blessed our efforts and progress .Furthermore, thanks from Prof. Ali al-Adeeb , Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research ,were received  who  often visited our university and inspecting conditions to provide support and assistance in order to be advanced and distinctive globally. Our University gained the first rank among other Iraqi universities last July edition ranking where more than 21000 international universities included. It gained the first rank among other Iraqi universities with new series   “ Openness Rank 1940- “، “World – Rank- – 5570” و “Excellence Rank- 3278”. Our university imposes its presence again as an Iraqi unique individual university within the world classification of QS, which came this year according to the new criteria of evaluating and according to selections that the rest of all Iraqi universities and many Arab ,  Asian and European universities have never worked with  . The classifications of our university in the QS within the “SURVEY INDICES”: 211 RANK and by: 61.10 SCORE, +- 701, and then our university maintains its position in the rankings as one of the best 700 global universities among more than 25 thousand universities in the world, to excel the prestigious American universities such as Ohio or San Francisco and other world prestigious universities. Between applied and theoretical aspects considering the modern humanitarian structure that serves the society and its noble message ,our university  once again has gained advanced centers as usual among other Iraqi universities in the international rankings where it  gained the first rank ,with  the grace of Almighty God ,over all other Iraqi universities in the international “Webometrics Ranking” and “QS”.

A German professor Delivers a lecture in Our University He states during his lecture in our university : ” I liked University of Baghdad because it is advanced and developed ”

University of Baghdad makes a number of non –class scientific activities for both professors and students simultaneously to make the researches take an advantage of the international experiences inside the university to make the researches take an advantage of the international experiences inside the university of Baghdad .With this orientation the university hosts from time to time a group of thinkers and rare scientists internationally .Within its scientific progressive project  the university hosted the German Professor Dr. Karl Kramer to deliver  lectures about the theory of cognitive development and communication at the hall of Ali Al-Wardi  at the center of development and continuing education in the university –Al-Jadirriya compound  and with the presence of a representative of the university president, Dr. Kadhem Al-Omran  ,Dr. Muhannad Al-Lami, the  director of the center  and members of Baghdad Provincial Council. President of Baghdad University Prof. Dr. Alaa’ Abdulhussein Abdulrasul received and welcomed Professor Karl Kramer expressing his delight of the guest’s communication with our university and his dealing with international modernist and developed topics. Furthermore  the university president expressed in an interview with the website team the ambitions of the university and its strategies in the exchange of expertise and scientific visits of visiting professors between the University of Baghdad and the other universities in the world .The cultural and intellectual exchange programs should be in various scientific disciplines, focusing on the most Modernism  aspects internationally  , pointing out that our university is dealing with most scientific disciplines , including the rare disciplines and those that go with  the latest developments .He also expressed that the history of  the University of Baghdad and its originality make it  be in the foreground or in the most distinctive centers. We have a lot of researchers and scientists who have made and continue to provide more scientific expertise to the rest of the universities. There are a lot of professors from the University of Baghdad who deliver many scientific lectures in the most prestigious universities in accordance with the visiting professor principle or within the cultural exchange programs between our university and the other universities. Prof. Dr. Karl Kramer professor of anthropology at the University of Vienna, Austria, delivered many lectures in our university about many subjects in the field of communication and perception and knowledge, where he explained in his first  lectures, the basis of upgrading and evolution ” perception and communication” and  he also delivered  a lecture about  the language of perception and embodiment, as well as  about the movement of the body and communication , a lecture on gestures of the human behavior , depending on the modern programs and advanced aids to reinforce the concepts and ideas he presented during  his scientific lectures. In an interview of our website with Professor Kramer, he expressed his admiration and delight to be in our ancient and large university  , noting that the University of Baghdad, is one of the biggest universities, and it has many beautiful flowers and gardens that help and contribute in achieving the educational process and stimulate knowledge and logical thinking. He ,furthermore, expressed his cooperation and desire to provide more experiences for our university, which he described beautiful , and that the cooperation will continue to provide more experiences, exchange and development of knowledge. Dr. Muhannad al-Lami, director of the development and continuing education Center, explained for our website that the center is going on in its cognitive and cultural exchange of hosting international developed expertise. Our center is  preparing for further scientific activities , conferences and seminars with an international dimension , by hosting several international expertise that have a large experience  in the field of education and development of knowledge , by contrast, our university is achieving  more exchanges with the most prestigious universities , where our university sent a delegation of a lot of professors and experts to many universities in the world in order to provide scientific advice and deliver lectures .The website team attended Ali Al-Wardi  hall and take a set of photographs  for the  lectures of the  German professor Dr. Carl Kramer.

Impact Factor of the University of Baghdad Exceeds universities of Iraq and the Middle East 809 international researches and 42 patents in just two years within the world’s best researches

Prof. Dr. Alaa’ Abdul hussein in an interview  with the website team explained  that the university is proceeding with its scientific Progressive project of the distinctive scientific researches of the “Impact factor” and our expectations are the number of patents and published researches  internationally will increase , according to the effect of a series of measures and procedures that we follow  at the university as well as  dealing with all our scientists and researchers. At the time we have provided all the possibilities ,means and scientific supplies for the all researchers, we emphasized in the University Council on the important decisions about the quality of researches and the followed  mechanisms, assessing and publishing the researches and the  academic journals, where the university is keen to have  researches with distinctive quality and value to serve  the society and labor market, achievements should serve the interests of society. Dr Ahmed Waheed Nasir ,Director of Scientific Affairs ,explained to our website  that the university turned greatly for all scientists and researchers devoting the concept of assessment for every scientific activities and encouraging  them through the privileges granted to researchers and inventors, where the university gave letters of  thanks and appreciation always for both discerning inventors and researchers as well as providing them great support in their researches and contributions of conferences. The university president instructed that  the university took all  the subscription and  accommodation expenses of inventors or those with researches of impact factor, without mentioning  that the university has the capacity and capability to provide all laboratories and supplies of  researches and modern equipments  to conduct researches and completed them inside Iraq. For the researches that require qualities of laboratories and  supplies or equipment, the University shall send them  outside Iraq to ​​complete their researches in the laboratories of the university that is desired by the researcher or the supervisor of the research. The university is sending  more researchers in the postgraduate Studies, as well as some of their supervisors to Europe or America or prestigious international universities to complete the writing of the researches and updating their Scientific experiments  which reflected positively on the quality of researches and being excellent  academically  or practically where the results appear superior and promising always,. God willing, we have a lot of researches carried out by our  scientists in the laboratories of Baghdad University and its scientific fields and we are  waiting to be completed soon so that we make it accessible to students and researchers in order to make use of them in  their theoretical or practical studies. The Website team has prepared another report for modern laboratories of the  university and its researchers and documented them  with a set of pictures and  film scenes .They will be displayed it in the program of “harvest of the university”, which displays on the university channel, and our website will display all the episodes  on the website and the “You tube”.

University Activities

New achievements of the professors of the university of Baghdad

The university of Baghdad participates in the tenth festival of Arab brothers

A lecture in the college of agriculture at the university of Baghdad affirms the importance of strawberry fruits in treating arteries and laryngitis

The college of veterinary medicine at the university of Baghdad discusses means to preserve poultry wealth in Iraq

A study in the college of dental medicine at the university of Baghdad stresses the importance of chamomile in preventing tooth decay

Al-Adeeb, during the first conference of the students returning from missions and fellowships,saying “the scholarship program is the main pillar to bridge the scientific gap with the developed societies”

Selecting an instructor from the the college of sciences for membership of a global journal ‘editorship

A symposium in the college of sciences at the university of Baghdad discusses remote sensing in astronomy and space

The college of law at the university of Baghdad celebrates its 105th anniversary

A scientific cooperation between the university of Baghdad and Farabi college

Al-Kindy college of medicine held its international scientific conference

The university’s nursery is a kingdom of flowers

The pioneering national center for research on cancer participated as co -author of “The world cancer report ” issued by the world health organization

Holding the first conference for students returning from scholarship programs of the ministry of higher education and scientific research

Experts from the European union contributing in the development of the information technology project in the college of languages ​​at the university of Baghdad

The university of Baghdad holds a symposium of the modern applications of surveying engineering

The university of Baghdad announces the results of twinning the department of civil engineering with its counterpart at the Australian university (Swinburne)

Khwarizmi journal of engineering gets the global scientific impact factor

Symposium on fuel and renewable energy at the university of Baghdad

The colleges of sciences and agriculture at the university of Baghdad gain numerous awards in Kuwait’ exhibition of Inventions

The university of Baghdad holds a celebration of world children’s day

The college of education (Ibn al-Haytham) prepares to inaugurate a central service laboratory