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April, 2013

On the University of Baghdad Day: Pride and Glory of Country

  The University celebrated its annual scientific fifty six day among pleasant and joyful atmosphere of students, professors and staffs, to paint a new rosy picture of this day that form a new addition of many new achievements that accompanied its anniversary, including the opening of more scientific departments, scientific laboratories and education centers. Many state officials and deans of colleges, led by Prof. Dr. Alaa’ Abdulhussein, president of university with his scientific Assistant, Assistant Professor Dr. Alaa Karim Mohammed ,Assistant professor Dr. Bassim Al-Abdali Secretary University Council and heads of departments, research and scientific centers at the university and a crowd of researchers and professors attended the ceremony, enjoying this scientific victory Day of the University and all of Iraq, as the University of Baghdad has become a symbol not of the capital Baghdad, but also for all Iraqis.

  With the joy and pleasure that accompanied University Day celebrations ,the president opened Internet Center, which will be a window for researchers to contact research via the Web, and according to the latest equipments and digital techniques in the world, and supervised by Professor Dr. Ghassan Abdulhameed ,Director of Computer Center at the university, the Center offers a gift to students of science, then a scientific digitalis and communication techniques exhibition was opened, then the university president opened exhibition of flowers and rare plants which the office of Baghdad University and supervised by Dr. Mohsen Al Shammari Director of Office Affairs and Dr. Hassan Mryosh official of unit of ornamental science ,Division of gardening, in the middle of University courtyard and next to it is an exhibition of character and inscriptions for unit lab and carpentry workshop, which was presented artistic and creative forms for skilled workshop, and according to the decorations and great wooden blocks, as well as the Department of Physical and artistic Education presented a range of sporting and technical activities musical and sport shows that are prepared by the Centre and supervised by of assistant professor Dr. Mohammed Jawad Kazim, Director of Physical Education and art Department, and who was keen to provide many shows and creative multiple and diverse activities, including review of Scout Rangers activity of Baghdad University, as well as arena and field games, football and athletic show of the teams of the university and colleges, as well as an exhibition of plastic paintings.held by university students and professors to the most important scientific figures. An exhibition of the College of Education for Girls on household wares and heritage also opened. College of Engineering initiated a majestic exhibition of students projects included a tremendous amount of graphics and engineering plans ,architectural models and magnificent engineering cubes and under the direct supervision of Prof. Dr. Qasim Doss Dean of the college of Engineering and Professor Saba Jabbar al-Khafaji, head of the Department of Architecture, and included the modern architectural designs around buildings and installations in the construction of the country , and according to the latest engineering designs in the world, then student and faculty crowds moved to celebrate the carnival celebration at Central Hall of the martyr al-Hakim in Baghdad University, which is held by by Department of Media and Public Relations and the Department of Physical and artistic Education attended by representative of the Prime Minister Dr. Hamid Ahmed Khalaf Director of Office of the Prime Minister, and the representative of the Minister of Higher Education and scientific Research Dr. Salah al-Naimi Minister Counselor, and also Dr. Riaz Aziz Hadi former scientific Assistant of Baghdad University and Dr. Ammar Moussa al-Moussawi , former representative of the University of Baghdad attended the ceremony, besides large academics and crowd of students, faculties and staffs of the University, to set off the celebration participated by many academic institutions, to provide the finest and most beautiful creative presentations. After reciting verses from the Holy Quran and the Republican anthem submitted by the branch of art education in the Department of physical and art Education, and then Prof. Dr. Alaa’ Abdulhussein, head of the University delivered a speech in which he explained the possibilities of the university in the service of the Iraqi society to move up and prosper always, God willing, and evaluating the benevolent efforts that seek to build the country through the scientific developed efforts, diligence and dedication in work, and also scientific assistant delivered a speech to show the role of science in building human societies and its development , then the university musical band submitted songs in love of the country and the university and science, and then a solo presentation theater “Mono drama” is made captures a basic figure namely human personality of Baghdad University, in addition poems in love with the university are submitted , the great poet Dr. Mohamed Hussein Al-Yassin delivered a tremendous love of science and our beloved Baghdad University poem. Many of the visual and audio-visual media cover this large carnival, as well as website team covered and broadcasted more activities and events of the university day.

Design of a new type of solar energy systems surfaces with a design that prevents the accumulation of dust using a technique of antenna induction Vibratory

  An assistant professor Dr. Bahaa Ibrahim Kadhim (General Director of scholarships and cultural relations directorate at the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research, and a faculty member at the college of Engineering –Al-Khawarzmi ,department of Mechatronics) has got an international patent in the design of a new type of solar energy systems surfaces with a design that prevents the accumulation of dust using a technique of antenna induction Vibratory, which is considered one of the promising ways to reduce the cost of operating and maintaining solar energy systems that can be used in a desert land and the planet of Mars.

  This patent was recorded in the American Foundation of patent inventions with number (US20130047978), as well as it has been recorded in the scientific organization of intellectual property rights with number (WO2013033594A1).

  The work has been done in collaboration with a research team from the college of Engineering, University of MIT in the USA which is considered the first university in the world in technology.

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