Latest News of University of Baghdad
February, 2013

Our University Takes precedence over 18 thousand Universities Internationally

  Despite the short time available for the University to enter the realm of international rankings, although conditions are not encouraging ,the university suffered after the wars , the blockade and occupation, but it continues to its strategic project towards progress and evolution, to occupy advanced ranks that are less in the history of universities internationally, especially after hard efforts and very careful and continuous monitoring of the presidency of the University of Baghdad, from here the University of Baghdad has won a new international ranking that overtakes more than 18 thousand Universities under the “Webometrics Ranking” which is issued from Spain, to make the university a new thousand rank of its former classification, then to be in the top after it was outside the classification internationally for many years.It occupied within the site 43 continentally among universities in Asia, and of sequence 3160 of the sequence up to more than 22000 rank in Webometrics.

  This scientific victory came to the university and Iraq in general after minute strategic plans have been drawn up about scientific and academic orientation of the University and after the scientific linkages that have been strengthened through the establishment of a great deal of good relations with ancient and well-known universities, which recognized the scientific activities and potentialities of our university and its academic role in the society. The success of the university was significant to many who are interested in the university, thus the University received a tremendous amount of letters and telegrams, comments, blessing this success and the efforts of the university , educational reality in Iraq and reputation of Iraq which is raising day after day by what the Iraqi universities are doing of achievements ,academic developments and scientific innovations that contribute to the development of society. The website of the University of Baghdad was packed with a host of congratulations and blessings as well as the University and the website received congratulations from the Minister of higher Education and Scientific Research. A lot of officials in the government have also congratulated the university above them was the Prime Minister Nouri Al-Maliki who considered the scientific progress of the university a historical victory.

  The university has developed an electronic and strategic plan and has applied to undermine these advanced ranks , a plan drawn up according to an important and significant strategic perspective and by specialists , experts and senior engineers in the fields of Web sites, computers and softwares, including the university president, Dr. Engineer Ghassan Hamid Abdul Majeed Director of Computer Center , Prof. Dr. Abdul Baset Salman Website editor , Prof. Dr. Hassan Mandeel the supervisor of Arabic and Mr. Bassim Hameed Jremid Director of Website, and then the university resumed developing the website by putting plans and new standards that specialists and experts in the media and university performance collaborate such as Dr. Kadhem Al Omran Director of Information University and Dr. Abdullah Hikmat the Quality Assurance and university performance Manager to work within the strategic dimensions with more care , follow-up and support to make the university progress toward the highest and best ranks .The university worked day and night for the completion of all measures and massive reforms in the university which can be found by the topic “University of Baghdad in international electronic project” which was published in the website two years ago.

University of Baghdad Signes a Memorandum of Understanding with German (KNAUF) Company

  University of Baghdad signed a memorandum of understanding with the German company (KNAUF). According to this agreement the German company will establish an educational center for technology of dry building at the University of Baghdad on an area (2500 m 2). The aim of the project is to eliminate the phenomenon of unemployment and create employment opportunities for Iraqi youth as well as expanding marketing of the products of the operating companies in this area .The terms of the agreement also included that the German side will train students of engineering colleges, faculty of Civil Engineering and architecture freely . It also allows the private sector the opportunity to participate in training and freely also.This comes as openness of Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research and all its institutions to bring scientific-oriented investments which would enhance the reality of education in Iraq. The signing of a Memorandum of Understanding which Mr. President of the University Prof. Dr. Alaa’ Abdul Hussein Abdul Rasul signed alongside with Ms. Isabelle Cornia representative of Knauf has witnessed wide official presence where German delegation included both ministers of construction and communications and German Ambassador of Iraq.

Cooperation with Australian Universities

  After the university regained its status among the prestigious universities, in accord with advanced criteria, the university gave an interest in developing and improving cultural ties with the rest of the international educational institutions, so as to transfer scientific experiments and work on high performance that gives opportunities to researchers of students and faculties to see and keep up with what happens in the world of development in the field of scientific and advanced researches especially the sciences of nanotechnology , plasma and laser etc. University of Baghdad proceeded to make a series of agreements, protocols or memorandums of understanding with major international universities, especially universities which occupy the advanced ranks among universities in the international classifications, which have distinctive scientific levels including a variety of scientific disciplines. In order to activate the scientific agreements with prestigious universities, Prof. Dr. Alaa Abdul Hussain Abdul Rasool the president of the university met her Excellency Lendl Sachs Ambassador of Australia in Iraq and Dr. Catherine Charlton the Regional Director of Macquarie University with the accompanying delegation. Prof. Dr. Abdul Baset Salman editor of Website of the University of Baghdad attended the meeting. A number of important issues have been discussed and dealt with concerning the development of cultural exchanges and scientific expertise between Baghdad University and Macquarie University, which is considered the best university in the classification of modern Australian universities, where it earned the first rank in Australia within the classification of both Kwakoirle Symonds Foundation QS and Times Magazine of Affairs and News related to higher education “Times Higher Education”, which has qualitative scientific disciplines, and has achieved great fame in excellence in intra research.,(Interdisciplinary) and teaching, and possessed distinguished style of scientific facilities ,which led the University of Baghdad to extend its cooperation with such great universities in order to raise the educational and cultural reality.

  The President of University of Baghdad displayed briefly the history of the university, the number of students, scientific disciplines of the University, the compounds covered by the university and scientific facilities, while Dr. Catherine reviewed scientific disciplines, facilities, laboratories and capabilities enjoyed by Macquarie University of Australia. The president discussed the possibilities in facilitating procedures of Iraqi students admission, their residence and visa and mechanics of admission , as well as he stressed the need to exchange common cultural and discussed the ways to develop scientific researches and conduct seminars and joint scientific supervision and mutual visits between the two sides in order to improve the scientific level and cope with what is happening of the development, particularly in the fields of medicine, engineering and other advanced sciences. The ways to develop researches fellowships and the possibility to activate and develop within the conventions and objective mechanics to achieve the desired objective of the reality of education have also been dealt with and discussed. The website of the university has accompanied the meeting and documented it with a set of photographs.

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