Iraqi National Center for Cancer Research


  Sponsored by the Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research, and with the support of distinct R & D department in the ministry and the presidency of the University of Baghdad, was opened (Research Unit early detection of cancerous breast and cervical) in the Faculty of Medicine University of Baghdad on 10 May 2010 to represent the nucleus of a national center typical for Research on Cancer in Iraq and the foundation for the events of the national program leading to cancer research, where assigned the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research to unite research mission of the executive management of the Country Programme Action Plan leading to cancer research and strategic objectives established at the light, and the preparation and implementation of events different program as well as overseeing the process of collecting, sorting and analyzing information and data for cancer research and from different ministries and all institutions research Altayah and on top colleges and universities and the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research in all provinces.

  The action plan focused national leadership program for Research on Cancer and cancerous Research Unit breast and cervical its three main axes, including axis Awareness, training and research. To achieve these goals, the organizational structure of the unit research include the following people: (central administration), (Statistics and Registration), (computer and Internet), (clinical examination: Containing diagnosis by sonar and sight cervix), (Laboratory: Laboratory diagnosis cellular and laboratory parameters tumors cancer) and (education and training).

  In 07.22.2012 module was developed cancer research to the level of a leading national center for cancer research under the decision of the Waller and the valuable scientific research and the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research includes work plan strategy against major cancers that afflict the Iraqi individual by promoting research and ways to control the cancer.