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November, 2012

University President Congratulates Dr.Abdulbassit Salman 


  xxx Prof.Dr.Musa Jawad Al-Moussawi president of Baghdad University congratulated Dr.Abdulbassit Salman Al-Maliki for his promotion to the rank of professorship, in the congratulation text was written: “We are pleased on behalf of the Council of the University of Baghdad to extend our deepest congratulations and blessings on the occasion of your promotion into the rank of professorship in (audio visual /Radio and Television) College of Mass Media as a result of your scientific efforts wishing yo continuous success for enforcing the scientific process and to serve our great university ”

With appreciation

Prof.Dr.Musa Jawad Al-Moussawi

President of Baghdad University

  xxx And on this occasion our website and Internet team in the University with all its staffs extend its warmest congratulations and blessings to our dear colleague Prof.Dr. Abdulbassit Salman Al-Maliki, editor of the university website wishing him continuous service for our dear country and university, who had participated with us and efficiently to get the first place in the assessment of the University websites in Iraq and to let our university enter the top 100 Arab universities and proceeding 16000 international rank in the classification of internation Spanish Webometrics which is considered one of the most famous international classification.Congratulations again to Dr.Abdulbassit Salman Al-Maliki.

Baghdad University Keeps the First Rank among Iraqi’s Universities in the Use of virtual library Resources (IVSL)

  xxx Baghdad University maintained over the past months the first rank among Iraqi’s universities in the use of electronic resources provided by the Iraqi virtual scientific library (IVSL), this was in statistics compiled by the Department of Research and Development at the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research on 30/08/2012, the registered enrollment of beneficiaries from the library at the University of Baghdad was (9231), the University of Mosul came in second rank as the number of registered beneficiaries of the Library (5637), Kufa University was the third, as the percentage of users and beneficiaries of the virtual library resources (3997). The statistics also included a table of the resources loaded by researchers since January until August 2012, which were (506,015) resources from different publishing houses included (full text, or abstracts, or images), and statistics of publishing houses and institutions that received the highest proportion of accessing such as (Eprints :100692), Springer and proceedings:94438 ) , (DOAJ:73671 ) , (Jstor : 32472 ) ، (IEEE : 19886 ).

  xxx The virtual library is one of the most important strategic projects adopted by the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research and represented by the Department of research and development that will provide modern scientific electronic resources for the Iraqi researcher thus contributing to rise the scientific research of Iraqi universities, as it is the first virtual library representing electronic resources in Iraq. It is a national project designed to enhance the electronic society and a gate to cross into the international publishing houses of periodicals ,databases or electronic books, and represents a model in scientific and informational progress which keeps the progressive and development movement that taking place in the world of digital libraries. The Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research Professor Ali al-Adeeb confirmed the importance of expanding the virtual library to ensure the needs of researchers in the Iraqi institutions through providing all modern resources. The Development and Continuing Education Center at Baghdad University has an active role in the adoption of an integrated training program to use the virtual library included seminars, workshops, courses and lectures within the curriculum of educational qualified courses for training of teachers in colleges and institutes and centers of Baghdad University that aims to spread the culture of using electronic resources provided by virtual library. To register and participate in the virtual library you can be accessed via the link:


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