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July-August , 2012

Activating Memoranda of Understanding of American Universities

  Within the scientific and cultural framework of exchanges that is drawn by the university in the development of its educational reality through cross-communication and coping with the most well-known international universities, University of Baghdad proceeded to make a series of agreements and protocols or memoranda of understanding with the best international American universities which occupy advanced ranks among international universities that have distinctive academic levels and within multiple scientific disciplines. According to this scientific and developmental approach, the university continues to develop its educational role. To activate this role the university opens prospects of cooperation and consolidation to help the student and professor at the University enjoy encouraging academic atmosphere. In order to activate the academic agreements with American universities, Prof. Dr. Riadh Aziz Hadi , the president Assistant of Academic Affairs met the delegation of American universities which included Dr. Brian A. Shott Cultural Affairs Officer, Benjamen G. Ziff Counselor for Public Affairs, Alfonso G. Cortes Cultural Affairs, and Allegra E. Klein Business Development Director of the University of Baghdad, and in the presence of Prof. Dr. Sabah al-Azzawi manager of cultural relations at the University of Baghdad, Assistant Professor Dr. Abdulbasit Salman, editor in chief of the website, and Ms. Aida Mustafa the official of central Library at the University of Baghdad. Dialogues are made to activate the signed agreements with American universities and open new horizons in the development of educational and cultural exchange aspects, Professor Dr. Riyadh Aziz Hadi had reviewed the reality of Baghdad University and its colleges and scientific institutes, with a summary of the overall signed agreements of the University of Baghdad with American universities, such as Harvard University , the University of Georgia , the University of Texas and the University of Massachusetts and other universities.Dr. Riadh also reviewed the nature of education at the University of Baghdad, its scientific potentials and colleges, institutes and disciplines in scientific and humanity studies. He provided as well the directory of the University of Baghdad and some publications to American universities to keep the scientific communication, and in turn the delegation of American universities initiated to submit publications about the reality of education and the developed American universities, revealing their desire to strengthen relations and receiving Iraqi scholarships.

  To develop the work of the Central Library of the University of Baghdad, a delegation of American Universities visited the library and looked at its work, in order to support the library with modern scientific publications of American universities ,and while roaming in the Central Library, the head of the delegation was very impressed and showed his admiration of the University of Baghdad and the hugeness of the central library, recording his pride telling Dr. Riyadh Aziz Hadi, “You should be proud of this university and the huge library “, then the delegation listened to the views and observations of the cultural relations unit and what can American universities provide the University of Baghdad, simultaneously some points have been identified that are obstacles in organizing and completing scholarships in America and the ways to overcome them at American universities of PhD and MA students, where the cultural relations unit explained that university of Baghdad ensures all costs of postgraduate Studies at American universities, and have more memoranda of understanding in the completion of these scientific missions that need to be activated by American cultural relations, which we hope to be accelerated in order to complete procedures of our students to study in American universities. The delegation explained that the nature of the discipline and the policies of the American universities may vary from one university to another, which may cause the delay in the admissions of students , where the student must determine his specialization in American universities and then organize applications for admission in accordance with standards and policies in American universities, which may be in accordance with privacy, which form a kind of difficulty in understanding and completing the scholarship. Wthin the interventions in this aspect, editor in chief of website Dr. Abdulbasit Salman suggested to create a website of American university to show more details and procedures of admission for students of the University of Baghdad, that identifies all scientific disciplines and branches, and the requirements and admission documents.

  As well as Dr. Sabah al-Azzawi explained that University of Baghdad has more than 500 candidates for admission to American universities in the disciplines of medicine, engineering, science, veterinary and agriculture, dentistry, nursing, and strive to be completed within the earliest opportunity, and the head of the delegation of American universities have asked for more ideas and proposals that will speed up the scholarships, as well as asked for more ideas for the establishment of seminars and CCTV between professors and students of universities on both sides, and among the inquiries about the lectures that most favourable to students of the University of Baghdad ,the audience showed that the terms of reference in the fields of technology, politics, sports, art and media are topics that students look for , there is also a desire in the development of the English language and pronunciation, particularly Baghdad University has made a set of training and development courses in language that has a project to establish courses to teach Arabic to non-native speakers.

  At the end of the meeting, head of the delegation of American Universities expressed his admiration and delight of the meeting displaying his efforts and the efforts of the delegation in the development of relations with the University of Baghdad and providing support for closer relations and consolidation, thanking all those present at this meeting, .The website team captures a series of photos in this meeting

University of Baghdad Discusses the Ways of Academic Cooperation with the British Cultural Centers

  President of Baghdad University professor,Dr. Musa Jawad al-Musawi, discusses with a British cultural delegation the possibility of implementing joint research programmes in the areas of English language development and to send a group of Iraqi students to obtain degrees in different disciplines in British universities.

  Musawi said during a meeting with a delegation that included Deputy manager of the British Council , the Manager of Middle East programms and manager of the British Council in Baghdad, the University of Baghdad is keen on activating memoranda of understanding with the rest of the international education institutions, especially in the area of scholarships for Iraqi students to obtain degrees in all disciplines :scientific and humanity, which the British universities have got high ranks on the world, noting that the university is also looking to have a collaboration with British universities through the signing of the Ministry of Higher Education and scientific Research on cultural conventions. Al-Musawi also said that the University continues to implement its programmes to develop the skills of Iraqi professors through the channels of research exchange with the international research centers .

  In this context, the university sought to provide research opportunities for a large group of Iraqi professors, expressing the University’s welcome to hold memoranda of understanding with the British Council and British universities, as well as the University looks forward to open specialized center of languages ,particularly since the University has specialized centers that grant certificates of TOEFL of English which is a prerequisite for admission to postgraduate studies .

  They also discussed the agreements that the University of Baghdad signed with the well-known international universities . From his part, the delegation expressed the readiness of the British Council of closer educational and research relations with the University of Baghdad, noting that the steps that the Ministry of Higher Education present to activate memoranda of understanding and expand scientific cooperation with international universities, will have a significant impact in the development of educational infrastructure in Iraq.The Scientific Assistant of the President ,professor Dr. Riyadh Aziz Hadi , manager of Media and Public Relations Dr. Kazem Omran and the manager of Cultural Relations, Dr. Sabah Abbas all attended the meeting.

Our University progresses 16 thousand rank to excel US Dillard University

  The University of Baghdad progresses 16 thousand international rank among the well-known universities in July 2012 according to the classifications and assessments of famous webometrics which is one of the most important assessments and classifications internationally ,being supervised an assessment of more than 20 thousand international university, within the Standards and according to scientific accurate assessments , and thus the University of Baghdad is the first officially of all Iraqi universities, without exception. This achievment represents one of the most important achievements of Iraq historically , because it occurs for the first time since the founding of the Iraqi higher education, as well as being occured within a period not exceeding two years only, which is one of the unique cases in the history of international rankings, where the University of Baghdad until the end of 2010 was beyond the rankings.

  After the University mobilized its efforts to catch up the scientific field of science and technology ,it surprised the whole world, especially the classification of webometrics to gain a unique and distinctive assessment in the history of international assessments, and the reader can view the results of this assessment through the following link of the international website :

  It is not strange that the University of Baghdad progresses after it makes a tremendous amount of procedures in the processes of scientific development and improvement , which is supervised personally by Prof. Dr. Musa al-Musawi, president of the University of Baghdad, within his strategic and international project , which won the admiration of leading scientists, thinkers and received the appreciation of senior leaders and officials like Mr.Nuri al-Maliki, the prime minister, who has been and continues to support our university and watched carefully as well, and Mr. Ali al-Adeeb, Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research, who expressed his appreciation to the president of the university , who was most interested in higher education, particularly the University of Baghdad, which constitute more than 40% of the Iraqi education , and also the President of the University received appreciation of the Iraqi parliament and many international scientific and academic institutions , after the university obtained an international assessment of almost two months ago, and here today the university progresses with broader steps where it planned its scientific and strategic project according to scientific standards and with especial efforts of the university through Iraqi Scholars, experts and specialists s at Baghdad University, without relying on foreign or imported expertise , as with other universities assisted by Europeans, Americans and Japanese experts and scholars of to come forward in the classification of the webometrics.

  The president of the University has launched his electronic international website in the website during a meeting in 21.11.2010 with a group of experts, engineers and professionals at the University of Baghdad , including manager of the Website Assistant Teacher Engineer Bassim Hamid, the editor Dr. Abdulbassit Salman and the supervisor of language, Dr. Hassan Mandeel , and manager of Computer Center Dr. Ghassan Abdulmajeed. We are pleased to view this international project, which the university embarked upon to gain its historical place among universities, and we publish photos of that meeting which was a turning point in the electronic progress and development of the university, having completed its scientific process and the re-building of the scientific and academic infrastructure of the university as a whole, the fact that the university had been exposed to more neglect and cruelty after the political deteriorating situation that prevailed in Iraq : war , siege, and occupation and political crises, strategic precise in scientific project integrated, and to view what is done by the University click the link of the published subject on the website:

  It is worth mentioning that the University has gained such remarkable progress internationally to jump to the most advanced ranks when further procedures are taken by the university, especially the unlimited support of the President of the University of the scientific and academic aspects of at the university and the website, which is risen by the technological developments and digitalis in the university, as well as the continuous follow-up of Mr. AbdulKareem Mounir,manager of the Office of the President, who made extraordinary efforts and direct support to the work of the website and contributed a lot to overcome the obstacles and routine of the work of the website and raise the morales, to move up the website to the highest levels. On the other hand the website received more congratulations and blessings on this progress and had more of the letters of thanks and appreciation of many institutions and academies, specialized and non specialized .We in turn thank and appreciate all who contributed to the development of the reality of higher education in Iraq to elevate our university to the advanced levels, and extend our gratitude and pride to the first supporter of Education Professor Nuri al-Maliki, the prime minister ,professor Ali Al-adeeb, Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research, and to Prof. Dr. Musa al-Musawi, president of the University of Baghdad, God willing, we hope to have more progress and contribution to our nation and Iraq.

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