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June, 2012

The Prospects of Cooperation with the Korean Universities

 For the development of cultural relations with most prestigious international universities, the university opens its scientific horizons through the development of cultural and scientific relations, so the university has taken significant steps in this area with many advanced universities in the world, including Canadian, American ,British ,Russian and other universities, where Prof. Dr. Musa al-Musawi the President of the University of Baghdad met the delegation of the Korean Embassy in Baghdad, headed by His Excellency the Korean Ambassador Mr. Hong Mong Kim to develop the scientific and cultural relations between the University of Baghdad and Korean .Mr. Joey Buend the economic adviser in Korean embassy in Iraq with the Korean delegation attended the meeting , Dr. Riyadh Aziz Hadi, the Scientific Assistant at the University and Prof. Dr. Sabah Al-Azzawi ,manager of cultural relations also attended the meeting. The Ambassador has expressed his delight in the development of cultural relations with the University of Baghdad and the development of participated action. The President of the university has reviewed the reality of education at the University of Baghdad, the activities of the university and explaining its vital role in the province of Baghdad and presenting scientific departments, colleges, institutes and scientific centers at the university.v The President of the University explained the possibilities and capabilities enjoyed by the University of Baghdad in submitting the services and the scientific consulting of the big projects undertaken by our esteemed government, especially Basmayh residential project which is implemented by Korean companies in Baghdad.

  The President also explained the developed Relations with some ancient universities and cultural relations and activities, especially of advisors in embassies and ambassadors who reinforce their cultural interest in the scientific, academic, and in coordination with our university in the establishment of many activities and cultural events such as setting up scientific fairs or cultural and scientific workshops, or offers and art or engineering galleries. On the other hand, His Excellency the Korean Ambassador confirmed the determination of Embassy in the consolidation of cultural relations and make it strong in the establishment of cultural and scientific activities at the university and the importance of strengthening relations between the University of Baghdad and Korean universities. The economic adviser of the Korean Embassy also participated in the speech.

  Mr. Abdul Karim Mounir manager of the Office of the President of the University and Assistant Professor Dr. Abdulbassit Salman, editor of the website attended the meeting. The website team had accompanied this important meeting and documented it with a set of photographs.

President of the University Inspects the Final Examinations

  After the end of the second semester of the academic year the final examinations started of colleges, institutes and centers of the University of Baghdad .Due to the importance of final examinations and its central role in the educational process, the University gives great importance to these examinations for assessing the students according to a discreet scientific perspective. The president of the university inspected personally the conduct of examinations to stand at the minute things and ensure its progress according to the right academic perspective , where Prof. Dr.Musa al-Musawi ,president of the University of Baghdad visited a number of test scores centres in colleges , institutes and scientific centers of the university , and inspected many of the scientific, administrative affairs and also met a great number of officials and those concerned in the examinations in order to check on progress of the examinations approach according to the scientific vision set by the university for students ,colleges, institutes and centres.Prof. Dr. Musa al-Musawi has confirmed to our website that the university gives great importance to examinations, which represent an important turning point for students and the university, so the university is very keen to provide all of its ways to the success of this important stage. We have been able, thank God, to secure all important requirements to make examinations in the light of the international standard specifications, as well as we have been able to obtain approvals to secure electric power during the period of examinations providing with the standby generators processing diesel in order to let the student enjoy quiet climate and perfect atmosphere .We intensified efforts and follow-up examinations through the inspection tours and inspection of the conduct of the examination. While the website was making an investigation about the final examinations, it was found that there are numerous visits undertaken by the presidency of the University to the test scores centres in all compounds of the university as Al- Jadirriyah , Bab Al-Mu’dhaam , Abu Ghraib and Al-wazirriya. This is coincided with what the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research of the constant monitoring of the examinations.

  The website cameras monitored unremitting and painstaking efforts from the Ministry of Higher Education through the Directorate of inspection and follow-up and a supervision of the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research which are made in the direct follow-up from the professor Ali Al-Adeeb to create a typical scientific atmosphere of the reality of higher education in Iraq, where the website team met a group of observers and inspectors from the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research .

  The website team also met Mr. Assistant Dr. Riyadh Aziz Hadi, Scientific Assistant of the president of the University, Mr. Deputy of Scientific Affairs at the University and the manager of Student Affairs, Dr. Hussein al-Taa’i, who makes many inspecting visits of the colleges, institutes and all scientific centres. Mr. Scientific Assistant had held several meetings with the students inquired about the nature of examinations and services and special treatment of indoor test scores, and inspecting the conditions of students, and at the same time inquiring about the conditions of dormitory students, and services provided to them, with high temperatures this summer.

  Mr. Assistant inspected also central disk of the examinations and reviewed all the test scores commissions , and he also inspected all classrooms , and service centres for students, and viewed the nature of the atmosphere during the examination and commitment of the students of the rules of examination and instructions, he also focused on the commitment of uniform and a commitment of the exact time of examinations, as well as confirmed through field trips on the availability of the appropriate atmosphere for the best examinations from running air conditioners, stressing on the operation of all central air conditioners for all test scores halls .

  He also focused on the availability of large quantities of drinking water for students ,as well as he inspected the types of chairs of students, and make sure of their validity, as well as the scientific assistant had another unannounced tours of all test scores centres and colleges. Dr. Riyadh Aziz Hadi focused on the nature of printed test scores questions to be clear to the student, and also confirmed that questions should reach for each examiner student during the right time of the examination without any delay, so that the delay will affect the time of students. During rounds of Scientific Assistant inspection of the conditions of teachers and all test scores committees, emphasizing the use of the latest technologies in collecting and recording averages of students, he also focused on the use of modern equipment for the printing of the questions and reproduction, as well as inspected all reservoirs of test scores copybooks and ensuring confidentiality, and ensure the availability of all stationery supplies of the test scores committees, ordering that to supply the latest hardware for printing master sheets of the degrees of examination.

University of Baghdad Opens the Centeral Environmental laboratory

  At the University of Baghdad the Centeral Environmental laboratory is opened in order to provide services and environmental consulting and laboratory testing for research projects. The Laboratory, which the President of Baghdad University professor, Dr. Musa Jawad al-Musawi opened, contributes to implement the research plan and to support scientific research projects of graduate students and researches at the university.

  It contains many developed equipments as well as specialist staff in the various environmental issues particularly as it aims to develop the researches and studies related to the environment and provide consulting in the areas of analysis of soil, water, air ,food industries , environmental biotechnology, agriculture, the marshes, oil, and diagnosis of problems of environmental pollution, presenting projects that serve the local society in various environmental issues, as well as providing consulting in the different topics of the environment.

  Professor Dr. Musa Jawad al-Moussawi President of the University said that opening this laboratory came as the urgent need to establish such a laboratory that contributes to the provision of developed laboratory services in an effort to maintain the safety of the environment in Iraq, where it is equipped with the latest scientific laboratory specialized instruments in the environment field, to contribute in the implementation of shared projects between the university and government institutions and departments, presenting services, environmental consulting and laboratory testing for research projects, particularly with regard to environmental tests of water and soil analysis and testing of air pollution. A number of deans in the colleges and institutes of the university attended the opening ceremony.

University of Baghdad signs a memorandum of understanding to enhance scientific cooperation with the University of Athens

  The President of Baghdad University professor, Dr. Musa Jawad al-Moussawi signed a memorandum of understanding with the University of Athens, which Ambassador of Greece in Iraq represented, this is within the framework of enhanced cooperation and scientific and cultural exchanges between the two universities. Mr Ambassador expressed his happiness and joy to sign a memorandum of understanding with the university of Baghdad and expressed his admiration with the tremendous scientific progress that the university planned after the his repeated visits evaluating the role of the researchers and instructors of the university to get the scientific and educational promotion .

  Greek Ambassador expressed his desire to open the horizons of scientific cooperation and cultural exchanges between the University of Baghdad and the University of Athens more comprehensively, calling for benefit from the experience of students to and instructors of the university in different departments within the framework of the agreement signed with the University of Baghdad.

  From his side Prof. Dr. Musa Jawad al-Moussawi stated the desire of the university to open channels of cooperation with the University of Athens, thus contributing to the exchange of experiences to enhance the education process between the two sides expressing his hope that this agreement contributes to open up the international advanced scientific experience to serve the path of higher education in Iraq.

  Assistant president of Academic Affairs Dr. Riyadh Aziz Hadi, Assistant President of Administrative Affairs Prof. Dr. Bahaa Toma Jiyad and the Manager of Cultural Relations, and Dr. Sabah Abbas all attended the meeting.

  A group of instructors in the college of Science at the University of Baghdad: Dr. Hudhama Razzouqi of the Department of Chemistry, Assistant Professor Mayson Munther from the Department of Biology, and Dr. Alice Krikor from the Department of biological technologies had contributed in the promotion of this agreement and provided the scientific and advisory part.

Historical Victory of the University of Baghdad Among the top world Rankings Our University is the Best and Oldest International University

  The university of Baghdad got the highest and the most prestigious world-class university on the level of 700 Universities that are recognized internationally .The university of Baghdad enters for the first time in the history of Iraq this assessment which is unique at the level of universities in the Middle East or Arab Universities as integrated university where it earned 601 rank among the international recognized universities under the international classification : “QS” – “ranks the universities that have been established since 1962”.This classification included the most prestigious and oldest international universities which dates back to half a century such as Harvard or Cambridge, and other international distinguished universities.

  This historical scientific victory of the University and for the whole Iraq came after Prof. Dr. Musa al-Musawi planed accurate strategy for about scientific and academic orientation of the University, and had consolidated the scientific linkages through his good relations which he has put with the oldest and most sober universities, which recognized the scientific activities and the academic role of our university in the society.

  Our university received a tremendous amount of faxes and congratulations for this great victory, and the website of the University of Baghdad was overflowing with a wide range of congratulations and blessings to the President of the University for his active role in lifting and developing the university, to move up science in the university and thrive in a variety of areas. It is worth mentioning that the electronic and strategic plan that the president of the university has put in gaining these advanced ranks was placed after the completion of all the measures and enormous reforms at the university, which can be found by the topic published in the website during a meeting on 21/11/2010 with a group of experts , engineers and specialists of the University of Baghdad in the electronic field where we attach here the link of this topic to see what was done by the University of the integrated electronic revolution in education and scientific and academic development.

To view the link of the published topic in the website click here

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