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The university gets a great global achievement

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Author: website admin

13/10/2015 7:51 AM

The university gets a great global achievement

After the considerable achievements of our mother university by entering the world Guinness encyclopedia, gaining the first rank in "Webometrics", being among the top (18) Arab universities and recently gaining three stars in "QS" ranking as the first and the best Iraqi university by getting the (156) in "QS" for the academic year (2015-2016), the presidency of the university of Baghdad exerts strenuous efforts and very careful and continuous monitoring to be in line with other international universities worldwide. This achievement is part of a series of achievements made by the university in this respect on the basis of work plans and improvements for the university. This is considered as an important achievement for the reputation of higher education in Iraq in general and Baghdad university in particular. It is worth mentioning that Baghdad university is the only university in Iraq that entered this ranking since 2011 thus has made a qualitative leap in progress compared with previous years, being in the (198) rank among (3539) universities worldwide, so that it made a growth percentage (13%) over the last year and (59%) when compared with 2011 which is the best height achieved in the Arabic region and the world. Ten British universities and (22) American universities besides other European an Australian universities got similar rankings (+ 107). Baghdad university excelled a number of Egyptian universities such (Ain Shams, Alexandria and Al-Azhar universities) that retained the same status (+ 107). The university has obtained this status because of its superiority in the ratio of its professors to students ans its academic reputation, seeking to maintain other criteria, such as the number of papers published in international sober journals and improving the reputation of its graduates, the teaching process and learning outcomes, relying on their opinions in the preparation of curricula and academic programs. The president of Baghdad university, Dr. Alaa Abdul Hussein blessed this achievement and praised these valuable efforts also the university received several congratulations and blessings on this occasion.


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