College of Nursing/Baghdad university Participates in a scientific symposium to reduce the phenomenon of persecution and violence against Woman

College of Nursing/Baghdad university Participates in a scientific symposium to reduce the phenomenon of persecution and violence against Woman

  College of Nursing at the University of Baghdad has participated in a symposium on “oppression and violence against women”, which is organized by the Higher Institute of Health that belongs to Medical city at the Ministry of Health.

  The participation of the college in this symposium has reflected its interest to reduce the phenomenon of violence against woman, because of her role in the conduct of research and studies that discuss this issue to find future solutions that reduce this phenomenon .The college’s participation is represented by Assistant Instructor Noha Adel Ibrahim, a member of the faculty at the nursing branch of the mother and child health with the presence of the Dean of the Institute, Dr. Saeb Mohammed, the faculty members and female students of the Institute.

  The symposium has included several aspects , the most important of which is a historical review of the importance of woman in society and her role in contributing to the different shapes life, the definition of violence in general, and the forms of violence against woman and included discussion of (Father , husband, brother violence, violence of custom and tradition, society violence, violence in the workplace), as well as the aspects of the causes of violence against woman, and to review a side of violence against woman in Iraq, and the latest global and Iraqi statistics of violence against woman, and statistics of Iraqi woman’s organizations and the Ministry of State for Woman’s Affairs for the abduction, rape and murder of woman, sexual harassment (study field Iraqi), and murder of women, sexual harassment (Iraqi field study ), and international criminal networks trafficking in women and authentication of Iraq on CEDAW, and the review of global secret reports for trafficking women, and statistics c of marriage and divorce cases in the court of personal status in Baghdad 2014, as well as exposing the devastating results in the communities and governments of the policy of violence against woman.The symposium has presented the results of Dr. Suhad Hikmat Khairi entitled (domestic violence on a pregnant woman) , a faculty member of the College of Nursing / University of Baghdad, with a film embodies the kinds of violence against woman.

  Noting that the symposium has coincided with the condemnation of the entire world for violations that woman undergoes every year, the General Assembly of the United Nations has announced the elimination of violence against woman and has called the governments, international organizations and non-governmental organizations to organize activities on this day that aim to increase public awareness to eliminate violence against woman that has spread and took forms and diverse styles at home and work and the street, recommending the need to stop violence against woman and combat it in the world in general and Iraq in particular, as the three authorities have demanded (legislative, executive and judicial) for the second year consuctively to the commitment to put an end to all forms of violence and the adoption of the suitable appropriate legislation that is approved to protect woman from abuse, discrimination and violence, and to promote the role of woman through campaigns to raise the cultural and social awareness in order to ensure widescale participation of woman in all fields to build a better Iraq .

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