A study in the college of dental medicine at the university of Baghdad stresses the importance of chamomile in preventing tooth decay

The department of pediatric and preventive dentistry in the college of dentistry at the university of Baghdad organized the weekly scientific symposium about the effect of chamomile extract on mutans bacteria. Dr. Mona Abdullah Salim gave a lecture entitled “the impact of chamomile extract on mutans bacteria”. The researcher clarified in her lecture the effect of chamomile herb on mutans bacteria in decreasing the acid effect of bacteria which has a direct role in the process of tooth decay, decreasing the susceptibility of bacteria on the adhesion on teeth surfaces, oral tissues and the ability to kill the bacteria completely. The topic was discussed by the faculty members who stressed the importance of chamomile herb in preventing tooth decay. The extensive discussions proved that its usefulness lies in the head of the flower that contains effective volatile oils that have the ability to prevent the adhesion of mutans bacteria and forming bacterial acid necessary for composing them that leads to prevent tooth decay. The lecture concluded with the advise for using mouthwash and considering it within toothpastes.