A lecture in the college of agriculture at the university of Baghdad affirms the importance of strawberry fruits in treating arteries and laryngitis

The department of gardening and landscaping in the college of agriculture at the university of Baghdad in collaboration with the agricultural training and rehabilitation center in the department of counseling and agricultural training held an introductory lecture about glasshouse cultivation and production of strawberry. The assistant prof. Hussein Nuri Rashid, an instructor gave a lecture in which he addressed recent developments in the field of protected agriculture, explaining the nutritional and medical importance of strawberry, its sugar and other derivatives of. He noted that these fruits have low compounds of carbon and nitrogen except storage components such as raffinose sugar. The researcher noted that the importance of strawberry fruits medically in eliminating some kinds of bacteria, helping to alleviate sugar rate in urine, atherosclerosis, neurological disorders, kidney diseases, yellow glands, liver, treating anemia.  He added that diarrhea, rheumatism and laryngitis can be treated by using drenched leaves of strawberry. The lecturer addressed methods of cultivating this plant, the conditions suitable for its growth in air-conditioned and controlled environments. He talked also about serving this plant during the growing season.