The college of Law at the University of Baghdad get international certification reliability IAO

 College of Law at the University of Baghdad got international accreditation certification by the World Organization IAO as shown in the attached copy of the certificate below:

 This organization is located in Houston, United States of America, which is one of the international organizations that deal with academic recognition.

Dean of the college of Law, professor Jamal Haidari was pleased to complete the requirements of the Accreditation and the  obtaining of the college of the international certificate , adding that the activity overall will continue to rising rapidly after obtaining the membership and raise the level of the college towards advanced positions among  universities in the world , as he evaluated  the efforts of the Quality Assurance Unit in the dissemination of its culture among the ancient college and ensure the continuity of leadership and the adoption of the principle of total quality in education.

The Quality Assurance Unit official at the college, Dr. Ban Al-Salihi stated that the unit is seeking to exert all possible efforts to adopt new horizons in university education and the adoption of international quality standards because it will lead to positive changes that are able to provide the requirements of the progress and development of the college to be in the real place in the construction and development of the country.

It is worth mentioning that the Iraqi universities reap large global achievements daily which are comparable to the achievements of advanced universities in the world to prove its discreet position in the higher education in Iraq after it was far from all categories and international assessments.

On the other hand the Faculty member of Law of the University of Baghdad professor Dr. Abbas Zboon Al-Aboudi received the professors Pioneer Award presented by the college of Law at the University of Karbala.

This honor came in the Tenth Scientific Conference of the College in collaboration with the Ministry of Planning and the participation of Iraqi and Jordanian universities under the slogan (The contracts that entered into by the government and its role in development and institutional development / mechanisms of conclusion and implementation insurance) .

Dr. Abbas Zboon   expressed his delight of this honor and how it represents the interest of science and scientists with an estimate of the scientific process that  contributes to the advancement of scientific and legal reality in Iraq.