May 2016


University Day is a spring of science and knowledge

With the memorial day of the prophet’s mission and the revelations to prophet Muhammad (PBUH), a celebration at Baghdad University day set off in the presence of a great gathering of students, officials, journalists and professors in an academic show that included a wide range of more than 50 innovative exhibits of books, flowers and food, theses, manuscripts, paintings and sport activities in a magnificent day. In the presence of Dr. Qasim Dos, Deputy minister of higher education and scientific research, president of University of Baghdad, Prof. Dr. Alaa Abdul Hussein, Prof. Dr. Riad Khalil, the administrative assistant of University president in addition to Director generals from the ministry of higher education and members of the council of University of Baghdad. Celebration started with songs of patriotism and exhibits made with effective contributions by university formations and the popular crowd.

University Day is a spring of science and knowledge

Integration of science and creativity: a conference and an exhibition at the faculty of pharmacy

The faculty of pharmacy held the first scientific conference for graduate studies under the banner of “with research and innovation, we develop pharmacology” in an unprecedented step towards the scientific sobriety and progress of Baghdad University that included a tremendous amount of qualitative products such as scientific papers made by graduate researchers, an exhibition of medicines and pharmaceuticals as well as a gallery of student drawings. This conference was opened by the university president in a new and non-traditional turn at the faculty of pharmacy in an academic atmosphere to be at the international not just local level. President of Baghdad University, Prof. Alaa Abdul Hussain stated to the university channel office and website unit that students are the real resource for our sober university to kept pace with scientific developments in the world. Website team and the university channel office accompanied this event and documented it with a number of photos and videos.

Integration of science and creativity: a conference and an exhibition at the faculty of pharmacy

Marshes in the eyes of our university


In support for inclusion in world heritage, scientific trips for studying eco-villages

University dedicates its potential for supporting all that promote the homeland and bring gains for our sons through its scientific and educational role to be in the foreground in national and humanitarian initiatives such as including marshes and Ur city in the World heritage list since it enjoys the magic of nature and rare antiquities that represent a map of the history of the entire world, so it still gain the attention of scientists, historians and tourists from all over the world. The beauty of nature and the ecological villages surrounding the marshes and their picturesque was a reason for inspiration and weirdness of a lot of people interested in culture and history since marshes are one of the broadest most diverse ecological environments in the world covering around 13000-15000 square kilometers, the largest of them are Hammar marshes (5100 square kilometers) and Houizeh marshes (3000 square kilometers) making it as an international protectorate that can be easily monitored by United Nations and UNESCO. The inhabitants of the marshes are considered as an extension to Sumerians who dwelt Ur in Dhi Qar governorate that contained a lot of significant and aesthetic monuments of cultural and historical importance, as well as a religious status among the adherents of Christianity fir being the home of the prophet Abraham (PBUH) to be a center for pilgrims of the entire world annually and a global center of divine religion. Since the first letter appeared in the land of Sumer, so this city has become a center of intellectual and human radiation, from this orientation Baghdad University has paid great attention to this fact through undertaking many academic events such as field visits for many years. Department of architecture at the faculty of engineering in cooperation with University of Muthanna established a scientific trip to Dhi Qar and Muthanna governorates with an invitation made by Ahmed Abdul Aal, associate dean of the college of engineering at Muthanna University in the presence of a number of professors and graduate students where they visited the archaeological sites at Jabayish marshes, Nasiriyah by boats, visiting the martyr at Jabayish monument, Ziggurat of Ur, Shulke Palace and home of Prophet Abraham (PBUH, then they went head towards the Lake of Sawa. The aim of this trip is to contribute through Baghdad University represented by the faculty of engineering to support the inclusion of marshes to the world heritage list. It is worth mentioned that Samawah is one of the areas inhabited by the old man since the earliest historical times and before where the traces were found back to old Stone Age in Qasir Valley just two kilometers southwest Qasir Castle in southern Samawah desert. University website team accompanied these trips and documented them with a number of photos.

 Marshes in the eyes of our university

Final exams 2016 .. optimism and boasting of homeland

With the launch of the final exams at University of Baghdad, optimism and boasting increases with the graduation of students who will build our country through their competencies after finishing the second semester in this academic year 2016. Final exams at Baghdad University launched in all colleges, institutes and centers where the university pays a great attention to final examinations since it corresponds an important criterion for assessing students according to a scientific and a sober perspective as done in international universities, under direct follow-up made by the presidency of Baghdad University and the university’s president, Prof. Dr. Alaa Abdul Hussein inspected the exams accompanied by director of university website unit, Basim Hamid Grimd and the team of university channel office. The university has created great possibilities and means for undertaking examinations with the highest scientific levels which constitutes an important milestone for the students’ future. The university presidency undertook field site visits to the examinations centers to ensure their success. Dr. Alaa Abdul Hussein assured to our university website that final exams are the first step to prepare cadres of builders and thinkers, so we care so much about them and thanks God we were able to secure all important requirements for the examinations within the global standards, as well as providing water and electricity during them through the use of standby generators so that the students may enjoy an ideal atmosphere. The university website accompanied this tour and announced that members of university presidency will visit other exam centers at Jadiriyah and Bab Al-Mu’adham complex, in coincidence with the efforts of the ministry of higher education and scientific research in this regard. The website team met a group of observers, inspectors and examination committees from the ministry of education and the director of students’ affairs, Prof. Hussein Al-Tai and a number of students who dwell in dormitories and the services presented to them during summer. The university president called for commitment to instructions, uniform, abide by the time limit. Assistant Rector for scientific affairs made sudden tours for colleges, stressing on the use of the latest technology when recording the students’ rates and focused on the use of modern equipment for printing the questions, as well as he inspected all reservoirs of exam books in addition to an electronic master sheet for collecting data digitally in order to avoid any defect. The university channel office documented this tour with footage and photos that expressed the volume of optimism and goodness enjoyed by our students who were eager to perform their final exams to achieve the finest scientific results.
 Final exams 2016 .. optimism and boasting of homeland

University Activities:

Faculty of education (Ibn al-Haytham) witnesses a campaign for blood donation in support of the injured of the security forces

Inauguration of three typical computer labs at the faculty of arts

MA thesis on U.S-Chinese relations at the faculty of political sciences

German publishing house publishes a books authored by an instructor at the faculty of education (Ibn al-Haytham)

Baghdad University records a new scientific achievement at NASA

The central environmental laboratory at the faculty of science holds a symposium on “environment and contamination of food”

Symposium on the mechanism of publishing researches at the faculty of education (Ibn al-Haitham)

Faculty of nursing witnesses a discussion on the pollution of Tigris

Lecture on the mechanism of cleaning solar panels at the faculty of education

Annual scientific fair at the department of computer engineering

Journal of the faculty of languages gains a global impact factor

Faculty of physical education and sport science participates in the global sport festival

Scientific visit to Basra oil fields

Symposium on plastic and nylon impact on man and environment at the faculty of science for women

Specialist symposium entitled (Laser technologies in biomedical applications) at the institute of laser for graduate studies

Symposium on the heroic role of the popular crowd at the faculty of physical education for women

Faculty of education (Ibn al-Haytham) organizes a lecture on environment

Faculty of arts at Baghdad University joins Sakura Association

LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing co. publishes a book authored by an instructor at the faculty of Ibn al-Haytham

First national conference on quality assurance of higher education at the faculty of education (Ibn Rushd)

President of Baghdad University inaugurates scientific laboratories at Al-Khwarizmi college of engineering

Experts at the department of astronomy capture a photo of a giant sunspot

Baghdad University honors a martyr student at the faculty of political sciences

Professors at the department of oil engineering participate in a scientific symposium at Nahrain University

Scientific trip to southern Iraq organized by the faculty of engineering

Symposium and posters fair on pollution in Tigris and Euphrates

Scientific debate on intelligence and parapsychological potential at the faculty of Ibn al-Haytham

Mural exhibition at the faculty of administration and economics

Faculty of fine arts concludes its annual festival at the department of performing arts

Lecture at the faculty of science on using plants for treatment of pollution

College of fine arts launches the events of its 2nd international festival of cinema and television

Faculty of Islamic sciences organizes a memorial service for the martyrs of the recent bombings

Workshop at the faculty of medicine on the functions of (MSF)