February, 2015

Latest News of University of Baghdad

February, 2015

The Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research in our University attending the University Council and Praising our University

  Within the field and official inspection visits that are carried out by the Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research to Iraqi universities to follow-up the progress and movement of scientific activity in the country. Dr. Hussain al-Shahristani, Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research has visited University of Baghdad and that visit has been described by typical because it includes many gains of our university. Dr. Alaa’ Abdulhussein, University President, with Assistant Professor Osama Fadhel Assistant scientific and deans of all colleges and institutes of the University of Baghdad have received His Excellency, the minister’s visit to our university has included his attendance of the University Council and meeting with the deans of all colleges and institutes and review the size of educational movement in the university and listen to the suggestions and opinions of the deans, he also has met with a group of staff members of the university and listen to their needs and demands and address their issues.

  Prof. Dr. Hussain al-Shahristani has presided over the Council of the University of Baghdad and stressed a lot of important issues in the development and improvement of performance and work and research in the University of Baghdad, including the expansion of authorities to the heads of the universities, including the authorities of the President of our university so as to achieve the speed of fulfillment , and he also stressed the need to adopt the accredited scientific approach in Iraqi universities and address the issues and management of universities and reaffirm the authority of the Professor taking into account the student’s study and his cognitive needs. His Excellency has explained to the Office of University satellite Channel at Baghdad University that the University of Baghdad represents a major Iraqi university and of Arab universities and their graduates were and still are of the finest talents that served Iraq and contributed to its construction, as well as they are deployed in major developed countries such as Europe and we find them on the top administrative and scientific personnel. His Excellency has expressed his delight at meeting with members of the University Council and our university development and scientific progression wishing a further progress and contribution to our beloved country.

  Dr. Alaa’ Abdulhussein has explained in a meeting with university satellite channel and website that His Excellen has set a lot of things that are in the sake of educational movement and his continuous following-up of the progress and movement of education not only in our university, but in all Iraqi universities. Our university council, including the deans of colleges and institutes and the assistants have thanked very much the Minister for his visit that we see as typical and reflects positively on education in our university. The Website and university channel have accompanied the visit and documented with a set of photos .

Digital Programs and Equipments to Examine the Documents

  In order to see the reality of work and make sure the work progresses typically, prof. Dr. Alaa’ Abdul Hussein ,university president, has made a field official inspection of the department of student affairs and authentcations in order to find out many aspects of the development and improvement of performance in the department and ensure the safety of the work. Prof. Dr. Hussein al-Tai had received the university president and gave a brief explanation of the stages of the work and the modern computer software that have been developed in the department in order to issue the documents. The president of the university has accompanied engineers from the department of engineering affairs and directed them to renovation and sustain the department according to the civilized and cultural approach that befits the reputation of the university, emphasizing the adoption of solid materials and the adoption of experienced specialists in the restoration and development of all university facilities.

  Dr. Alaa’ Abdul Hussein, university president, has explained in an interview conducted by university channel and the website his satisfaction with the work and his pleasure with the progress that happened in the department, Our visit this day has come to find out the nature of the work and the nature of the new electronic performance which we introduced in the university governance electronically, where very highly sophisticated computer programs have been introduced to check the data and make sure of its powers and credibility, because this matter is extremely important with the great size and numbers of the students witnessed by the university. Dr. Hussein al-Tai, director of the student affairs and authentications has explained to the website and to the channel of the university that the university has meet all the requirements of the current circumstance to host the students of the volatile provinces as well as to conduct the examinations, not to mention the host in the dormitories which exceeded the space and the size of our capacity to be in line with the current situation, which the country is going through. Thank God and thanks to the benevolent efforts, at the helm of them is the president of the university and the staff at the university and the center of the computer, we have applied the latest computer programs that ensure the safety and accuracy of the documents and data issued by our university, and our staff capabilities have yielded rapid achievement and issuance as well as the pressure of effort and expense in that. The director of student affairs and authentications has stressed that the visit of university president has had a significant impact in supporting our department, he has instructed the department of engineering affairs to renovate the building of our department as well as surmount all the difficulties that we may face, and has definitely instructed to train the staff and develop their performance by holding for them regular training courses, stressing that the performance should be at the highest levels, he also emphasized that the building of our department should be at the best levels, stressing many cultural manifestations and urbanization in the reception of graduate students and help them and provide amenities during their review of the department. We move forward in this regard on behalf of all the staff of the department to thank and feel grateful of the university president for his support and initiatives in the development of our work and overcome the obstacles that may stand in front of us. The website and university channel team have accompanied this important visit and documented with a set of video clips and photographs.

Historical unprecedented progress of our university in Webometrics
Our university overpasses 23500 global universities

  Our university has been able to confirm to the world that itn is the first university at the highest and most prestigious levels and today, thanks to the Almighty God and the efforts of the good and loyal people our university has got an advanced position in the most prestigious international rankings of universities,i.e, “webometrics” which is from Madrid in Spain, where our university has got a large number that surpasses 23500 twenty-three thousand five hundred global universities among 25,000 and twenty five thousand universities that are included in this classification. It is the first rating over the Iraqi universities and most of the Arab universities and universities of the Middle East.It has got the eleventh rate over the Arab universities, where it earned its new classification “1350” to be doubling superior in the ratings over other Iraqi universities, where university of technology has been ranked the second Iraqi with the series of “4322,” with a difference of three thousand universities, and thus our university has achieved a historic victory added to its scientific victories.

  Minister of higher education and scientific research, Dr. Hussain al-Shahristani has explained in an interview with the website and university satellite channel that our university is distinctive and individual at many levels and it has graduated several scientific competencies that contributed in the construction of advanced human civilization. Dr. Alaa’ Abdul Hussain, president of the university has emphasized the development of the website and instructed to provide supplies and the developed and advanced potentials for the website in order to obtain a global advanced ranks. In addition, the website team has a number of important procedures and that is one of the trade secrets in the website field after the experience they obtained by the result of hard work for many hours outside official working hours in order to obtain these advanced ranks. For more information about the new classification of our university, one can visit the official website of webometrics. Click the links of this category as described below:

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