Internet search mechanism

Internet search mechanism

Search mechanism on website is considered as the most important services offered by the Web and it helps to find information easily and you must know how to write a topic to search. If the search result is 10,000 sites or more this means that search method is inaccurate and when there is no results this means that the search method is incorrect.The search to be precise, you should know how to write search words, where there is a set of rules used to write search keywords, so dear researcher here are some rules used to compose a sound search sentence:

1. The word “And”: is used to search for two words or more, for example: electronic and power anywhere within a document on website.

2. The word “Near” is used to search for more than one word that are close to each other in a document that appears in the search result, for example: electronic near power which must be separated from each other by few words only and if the number of the words exceeded a line, so the document will not appear in the search result.

3. The word “Or” is used to search within the document for any word of the words existed in the search command, so we will search in any document that includes the the word electronic” or the word power” or these two words together.

4. The word “Not” is used to search within the documents where there is no particular word, for example: “physics” but not “laser”. 

5. The word “related” is written before typing the name of a particular site to show any results that the search engine finding them related with the sites we search for, so when we search for “, so the search result will show the pages that are linked with CNN.

6. The word “define” words is followed by the word searched for get a definition, for example: define LCD, so the definition of technique of crystal liquid will be extracted from many websites.

7. The word “Author” is written to get information about a page authored by a specific author.

8. The word “Intitle” is used to search for a specific word within URL address , whereas “allintitle” is used to search for several words within URL address instead of searching for only one word.

9. The word “Allintext” is used for the opposite impact in searching for more than one word within the texts not in title, it is sufficient to write “allintext: tsunami” to search for “tusunami” in Google without referring to the huge amount of the sites that include this word in their titles.

10. The word “info” is written before the name of the site address to get information about this site.

11. The word “filetype” is an efficient way to search for words in a specific file, for example: file type:p power, you get as a result all files that contain the word “power”.

 12. The mark + is used to search for the sites that contain the words, for example: power + electronic to look for sites that contain these words: power, electronic.

13. The mark – is used to search for the sites that contain one specific word but not another one, for example: electronic-power will result in finding the sites that contain the word ” electronic” but not “power.

14. The mark ” ” is used to search for a subject that contains this mark in the same order, for example: “electronic power”.

15. The mark ~ is used to get synonyms of a specific word searched, for example: car ~ that will result in the sites that contain synonyms of “car” such as automobile.

16. The mark * is placed in search to replace a missing sentence, for example: “Scientific * Center” will result in “Arab and scientific center”.