E-News, January 2013

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January, 2013

Our Ambitions Accelerates Time
University president Meets Website Administration

Having achieved advanced anddistinctive centers among international universities and universities of ArabStates and the Middle East, and after the Website becomes an important part ineducation and the university administration and through the measures andinitiatives that the site did to coordinate , organize and display the work ingeneral , so it was inquisitive to maintain the top and progress which is ourconcern at the beginning of the meeting with Prof. Dr. Alaa Abdul Hussein, headof Baghdad University, where he began his speech by asking for a plan to makethe Website in deeper access to compete with the major internationaluniversities that university president is looking forward to make ouruniversity equal to them , although he has expressed his admiration of thewebsite and the new and advanced assessments, but one of the ambitions that weseek greater than we are in, because our university is not like otheruniversities, but is unique if compared with other universities, especiallybecause it was and is still the focus of everyone’s attention at home andabroad, which is why we have to be according to Advanced evolutionary approach,stressing the importance of the websites in the development of educationglobally and to enjoy the great potential for education, in the disseminationof curricula, data and knowledge, science and rigorous scientific and quickmanner, to verify the cognitive acquisitions.

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Presidency of Baghdad Congratulates the Christians

Because the university is part of the society it participates the occasions and congratulates the Iraqi society in all festivals and occasions.

  The presidency of Baghdad congratulates kindly all the believers of Jesus (peace be upon him) and our Christian brothers in Iraq on the occasion of the birth of Jesus ( pbuh) and the beginning of the new year praying God to maintain his blessings on ourIraqi people with all its parts and taking the wisdom and the constructive ideas from our humanitarian symbols to build our dear country and raising it towards the top.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

Prof. Dr. Alaa’ Abdulhussein

President of University of Baghdad

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