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The first nucleus of the founding of the most important in Iraq, said a scientific study art in 1936, and was aimed at the dissemination of culture art and music. In 1940 the name was changed to (Institute of Fine Arts), and combined with the branches of acting, directing, painting and sculpture, to study the Diploma. In 1958, I started the idea of ​​founding (Academy of Fine Arts), which adopted (Dr. Khalid Al-Gadir), building the Ministry of Education in the academic year 1958 to 1959 the Academy, and chose a building located in the region – the door of the holy near the Medical City on the River Tigris, and the embodied in two parts only: the Department of Film (and taught arts cinema, theater, ‘and a section drawing (and studying graphic arts and sculpture) and then turned the building to the area of ​​Corniche Adhamiya, on the Tigris River is also’ near Directorate of residence. and was awarded a Higher Diploma, and the duration of the study the three calendar years.