Department of Media and Public Relations


Department of Mass Media and Public Relations at the University of Baghdad is an important part and vital part as it has a permanent presence for its role in shedding lights on the overall activities and events for the University of Baghdad. Besides, it funds those activities and events, which often occur within the routine of administrative institutions of the University. Units of the Department: – Its division is made up of units directly related to the director. These units can be classified as follows:
Media Unit
Public Relations Unit
Computers unit
Archives Unit
Secretarial management unit
Director of department: distributes the works daily among the officials of units. The secretarial unit achieves the administrative and delivery of correspondence, daily mail, newspaper distribution daily, etc.
Duties of Department:
Department of Mass Media and Public Relations is the interface information of the university that has the following duties: To cover the activities and events of all kinds such as conferences, symposia, seminars, festivals, sports, celebrations, events and other activities of all institutions of colleges and institutes, centers and highlight them and send them to all media
The department publishes a comprehensive 40-page quarterly magazine that is called Echo of the University of Baghdad.
The department issued the Mother University newspaper (a monthly newspaper periodical collection of scientific activities, literary and intellectual of the University and its institutions (colleges, institutes, centers).
The department coordinates and facilitates the functions of all satellite channels and other media in all institutions of the University.
Section adopts the organization of conferences and events central to the University, taking it upon himself to complete the information aspects of the celebrations through the print media and audio visual.
The director of the unit follows up all the media and published matters related to the university and presented them to the attention of Mr. President of the University for his decision and the possibility of his response to them.
Organization of television interviews for the President of the University and any other official in the university and the permanent presence with the media in such activities.
The department also monitors the humanitarian and social aspects for all members of the university staff and professors, and sends the congratulations and condolences in their sad and joyous occasions and other events.
The department is to extend bridges of communication with Iraqi universities at home and the Union of Arab Universities through the exchange of releases, publications, send news to the University Association of Arab Universities.