University of Baghdad Anthem


This anthem is written by Dr. M.H. Al-Yaseen and it is translated into English by: Assistant professor Abdul Hassan Qassim:

Time settled on its balcony;
Man’s culture sang a symphony;

It’s a title for all time;
A university whose Quran is in rhyme;

* * *

The first letter drawn in a book;
With a first figure glittered as a hook;

They hugged here in Iraq together;
As a sister with her lovely brother;

There was a door wide open;
For creation always not often;

* * *
Our university is proud;
For science and arts has a large crowd;

It is deeply rooted in Babylon;
And blossomed in Assyria should be known;

Baghdad was brightened by Islam;
When it was built in circular dam;

* * *
As a famous city Baghdad became;
And was crowding when it got this fame;

Whatever we give we feel no sorry;
We fight and sacrify to get glory;

Tigris and Euphrates are Iraq;
Where valies and fountains can stack;

* * *

It began to flash up in Arab homeland;
Baghdad University in prophet’s land;

Baghdad gets a lovely title;
On every lip through lifecycle;

Iraq is chosen its ancestor;
As an institute for all Arab to foster;

Generations of all Arab states;
Decorate their chest with a gold necklace;