August 2015


The University consoles the departure of a great figure  – architect of Baghdad, Mohammed Makkiya

The death of the architect of Baghdad, Dr. Mohammed Saleh Makkiya

The University consoles  the departure of the first architect of Baghdad, Dr. Mohammed Saleh Makkiya, a leading architecture and the founder of modern  Baghdadi architecture , who had given Iraq and humanitarian eternal architectural masterpieces, which formed landmarks  for the betterment of intellectual creativity for the Iraqi. The  presidency of the University of Baghdad has consoled  the  late Dr. Mohammed Saleh Makiya, founder of the Department of Architecture and a leading engineering thought in Iraq and the Arab world, one of the founders of the Department of Architecture at the college  of Engineering, University of Baghdad in 1959, then remained head of the department until 1968. Prof. Dr. Alaa’ Abdul Hussein has expressed  his mourning  to all members of the university the death of a superstar in the space of architecture, calling Almighty to bestow the deceased a vast rest and let him live in  eternal paradises and  to inspire the deceased’s family , his colleagues and his lovers  patience , stressing that the university has lost a dignified scholar who has long provided  great services to  Iraq and the world by his architectural  achievements that have spread S in all countries of the world. Prof. Dr. Riadh Khalil , the Administrative Assistant of the university president  in an interview  with Al-Jammiya channel office and the website  has considered  that the university has lost a great star  by the  death of the scholar Makkiya, describing that the scholar  Makkiya has formed a national and international wealth. Mohammed Makiya is one  of the most famous architectural engineers in the world and Iraq, offices have been held for his foundation concerned with  the designs and construction of architecture  in many capitals such as London, Bahrain, Oman, Kuwait, Doha, Abu Dhabi and Dubai. He has been honored by  many leaders and kings for his leading role in the architecture. The last honor was by the Britain’s Queen , Elizabeth  for his  creative achievements and leadership of the architecture, and the global media  has picked up the death of  Makkiya, his  family has received many telegrams of condolences from senior political and international figures , the President of the Republic of Iraq, Dr. Fouad Ma’soom  has expressed his condolences to the family of the deceased , and also  the Vice President of the Republic, Mr. Nuri Al-Maliki has expressed his condolences for  the departure of the  creative artist where  Iraq has also lost an  international expert  who gained world medals. Dr. Mohammed Makkiya was born in Baghdad in 1332 AH / 1914, and had completed his initial study and then had studied architecture at the University of Liverpool in Britain, where he earned bachelor’s degree in 1941, and had received a diploma in civil design from the same university, the doctorate was awarded by 1946 from King  College at Cambridge University in Britain, and  the  subject of his dissertation ((climate Impact in the development of  architecture in the Mediterranean region)) and returned to Baghdad in the same year and established “Makkiya partners for architectural Consultation  and planning.” Talking  about the personality of the scholar Mohammed Makkiya begins and does not  end with his unique and timeless  achievements of the global movement architecture, not local only , but for  more information of  the personality of  Makkiya can be found on his biography as published by the World Encyclopedia Wikipedia on the Internet.

The University consoles the departure of a great figure  - architect of Baghdad, Mohammed Makkiya

Our university is in the first rank by Webometrics

For the third consecutive year, our university has taken the first rank  over all other Iraqi universities in the global Webometrics ranking of world universities” issued by Spain, with the participation of 25,000 universities that compete for advanced ranks, and the university has received more congratulations and blessings by many officials and figures  after the great scientific victories  of the university. The university has indicated in more than one occasion that it is determined to keep the first rank because it keeps  a tremendous amount of special codes of developing  websites by their  experts and specialists  in the website, Where the university has leading scientists and specialists in managing websites and  designs (digital and graphic ) ,  not to mention it has a senior media professionals in Iraq and the region, as well as the university has a tremendous amount of scientific projects and scientific innovations, patents and various qualified professors who have  active role in the world and it graduated  a tremendous amount of scientific experts and competencies who held  political positions as president or a prime minister or the minister of higher education or many positions, and that the university has a distinctive scientific researches  that entitle it superiority and advanced scientific ranks.

Our university is in the first rank by Webometrics

Baghdad University is an army to meet the call of Al-Marjiiya

Batch of trainees have been graduated under one flag of Iraq

The call of Al-Marjiiya has formed a major challenge for all the sons of the homeland among them are the faithful and the builders. As usual, university of Baghdad being part of the society has met the call of the good Marjiiya Imam Ayatollah Ali Al- Sistani and according to optional volunteered sons of University where volunteers of both men and women are increasing from associates and students to the extent that exceeds expectations. Baghdad university has trained employees and students to participate in defending the homeland where the university has held a military parade in the first batch of trainees of both sexes who have graduated. Prof. Dr. Alaa’ Abdul Hussein has attended the graduation ceremony with prof. Dr. Riadh Khalil Khamas, the administrative assistant and the academic assistant assistant prof. Osama Fadhel Abdul Latif with an atmosphere filled with joy and happiness. The website team and AL-Jamiiyya channel office has accompanied the parade and ceremony and documented with a series of photographs and videos.

 Baghdad University is an army to meet the call of Al-Marjiiya

University activities

A researcher from the university of Baghdad gets a new patent in dentistry and dedicates this invention to the university

Bulletin of the natural history museum gets impact factor

Laboratory accreditation team inspects the labs of the university of Baghdad

Baghdad university announces launching of military training for its students and members

To achieve scientific sobriety, a committee of scientific efficiency exam is formed in the university of Baghdad

The top student in the college of physical education for women participates in the first Arab forum for woman in Egypt